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Monday, August 11, 2008

  Monday Morning Mirth  

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Even a person who isn’t superstitious knows about Lucky.

No, not that Spencer guy on General Hospital or the magazine or the cigs, we’re talking Good Fortune…

Friday was super lucky: 08-08-08.

I was lucky enough to be in Chinatown here in Chicago on 08-08-08 and decided to extend the Double Happiness and got a coupla little kitties to go from a Wentworth Ave. shop.

Now, these are actually Maneki Neko and they originate in Japan but I’ve seen them all over the place and grabbed my cats, who measure 1″ high, there…

From l. to r. :
Right Arm Raised = Happy Home; Left Arm Raised = Big $$$

And just to be sure, I put a double 8 symbol on the right ;p What’s your lucky sign?

4 responses to “Monday, August 11, 2008”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Lilies are signs of luck for me. :-)

  2. Kate G. says:

    Lucky Cats do it for me. I have a pop-up one on my desk. He’s turned to face the door so money will know to come in and sit down.

  3. Tallgrrl says:

    I love Maneki Neko. I have some in my home and I have one at my office. Did you know they come in different colours that each mean something?
    : )

  4. Dolly says:

    I love that you just threw a Lucky Spencer from GH in there.


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