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Bountiful Fridays February 14, 2014

Friday always seems to need a little bonus to end the working week so we’ve decided to add a little fun!

Randomly, but more weekly than not, we’ll be adding some neat give-aways to our blog to celebrate with you some of the bounty here at Studio Chic Knits!

And today, is a perfect day, to show a little luv…

Chic Knits,, knitting patterns, Bountiful Fridays, Studio Chic Knits, ChicKnits


Chic Knits, chicknits,, knit blog, knitting blog, knitting patterns

We found a couple of TART-y skeins of Madelinetosh DK in our stash from the sample making of our Derica Kane style and we’d like to celebrate Valentine’s day with you!

{{Just leave a comment on this post telling us “Why I LOVE Knitting” and we will random draw next Friday to giveaway these lovely skeins…}} … Comments closed – stand-by for winner announcement …

Chic Knits, chicknits,, Bountiful Fridays, knitting patterns

Bonne Marie

667 responses to “Bountiful Fridays February 14, 2014”

  1. Willa Slater says:

    I love knitting because I can relax and let the tension of the day fade away while creating something beautiful and useful.

  2. Suzanne Wilsey says:

    Knitting keeps me calm in a crazy, chaotic world. It lets me be creative even while I am being bored silly in meetings!

  3. I love knitting because it’s creative and zen. I especially like knits that can multi-task with reading. (Nothing too crazy complicated. Rest rows are great!)

  4. Diane says:

    I LOVE knitting as it is yoga for my mind. Knitting takes me to a peaceful place. A place of rest.
    Knitting is my calming tool, my fidget toy, my quiet place. ahh….I should go knit now!

  5. Gina Mersman says:

    I LOVE KNITTING. Through knitting I can be peaceful, content, creative and generous with my knitted creations. The things I make are pieces of my love that go out into the world to create good feelings and comfort.

  6. Wanda Rosenbarger says:

    I have been a crafter my whole life, and only started knitting seriously in the past 7 years. It brings more joy to me than any of my other endeavors. Due to some great friends, I have developed from a pretty terrible knitter to a decent knitter. The progression of my skills is rewarding, and I can’t even describe the sense of accomplishment I feel when I finish a project. It makes me a better and happier person.

  7. Melissa Minjares says:

    As a wife, mother of two boys (8 and 10), with a full time job in a demanding, but not particularly creative field, knitting is something that is mine alone. I knit for me; I take no orders for pueces, and those gifts I knit for others are from my heart. Knitting taxes my mind and frees it at he same time. It is creative and indulgent and productive and portable and helps me connect with a part of me that would otherwise e left dormant.

  8. I love knitting because of the peace, love and joy it brings me. easy knitting is fun for gatherings but when I’m here alone I prefer a challenge piece. I also love the gratification that comes when I knit
    prayer shawls for my church. Thank you for the chance to win some yarn to keep on knitting.
    Thank you for this chance to win.

  9. Sharon Imler says:

    I love to knit because it helps to keep me focused and I love the feel of the fiber in my hands. Colors make me happy.

  10. Alyce says:

    I love knitting as it allows me to express my artistic side. Love of knitting has also brought wonderful friends into my life.

  11. knittingdancer on Ravelry says:

    I love to knit because it is relaxing and something to do while sitting and watching tv. Plus I have met a lot of nice friends through knitting.

  12. J Hutch says:

    I love watching the item become a reality. Some days I relish the challenge of learning new stitches or new techniques. Other days I love to just knit to relax. Knitting makes me happy

  13. alice says:

    Knitting keeps my hands busy while I’m watching tv. But I also really like to create things. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Vi Phan says:

    I love knitting because it’s soothing and creating things is empowering.

  15. Therese Frankenberg says:

    Knitting is very meditative…usually. I need that. A lot.

  16. Laura Branton says:

    I am crazy addicted to knitting. I find that I look forward to times when I will need to wait (appointments, etc.) so I can pull out my knitting!

  17. Cheryl Mauck Jackman says:

    I feel the rhythm of life through my needles and a connection to other needlecrafters – I love knowing that the peace, challenge, sense of accomplishment, and joy have been shared and sustained by countless others through centuries of history. It is one of the threads of life.

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