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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Joining lots of people from around the world, the knitters of Chicago enjoyed for the third year, their annual WWKIP, put together this year by Yarn Con’s Natalia and Sara, in the sculpture garden in fabulous Millenium Park…

I ended up going at the last minute, but took my folding chair and knitting on the #66/147 and showed up just in time for a blast. This year there were more knitters than ever! WHO says knitting is fading away? Here’s some pictures below and there’s more in this Flickr set where you can spy the pile of yarn Lis collected to go to Interim House and Captain’s Bag Portraits!

We were all enjoying the shade around the planted gardens in the area above the Crown Fountains. Three cheers for whoever invented the ubiquitous folding camp chair!

And the City of Chicago built in some stepped partitions that were just A-OK as knitting bleachers! I also enjoyed the fact that the park is on one of the ONLY hills in the city! Chicago is so flat, that when I wait for the bus, I can see 5 miles in one direction…

Old and new knitters mingled in the path of the sculptures and

ya just had to take off the shoes and go barefootin’ in the park with your friends

5 responses to “Tuesday, June 17, 2008”

  1. Chery McLeod says:

    OK Bon, you have peaked my interest. What is #66/147? I await your reply with baited breath! Glad you had fun and what style Acers hsoes do you have? Happy knitting, Chery

  2. Bonne Marie says:

    The #66/147 are the two buses you would take from my neighborhood to Millenium Park :)

    My Arche shoes are from a few years ago and I’ve looked and looked and they don’t make the style anymore but basically, they are black nubuck strapped wedgies…

  3. queen ducky says:

    I was in Chicago and wanted to go, but had other commitments on Saturday. I had my knitting with me, though and knitted at the pizza restaurant, and on the 146 on the way to SummerDance Saturday night. Then I knitted at Lutz’s on Sunday, so I did represent!

  4. amberincolo says:

    Just beautiful!!!

  5. Hi, Bonne–Has Esther Marie told you that we have her addicted to our Wednesday afternoon knitting group at the Tustin library? She provides us with entertainment as well as descriptions of some of her projects from the past, and a couple of the women got her started on an entrelac bag. We laugh as much as we knit, and probably, that’s the whole point of the group. Hope you and your mom have a chance to come out to the sheep farm when you are here. Greetings

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