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New Threads Thursday July 11, 2013


New Threads Thursday!

Today in Portland, it’s lovely summer sweater weather – 61° – the temps are going up & down all over the place and sometimes you’ll find the AC is still blasting when you least expect it. Instead of reaching for a boring old jacket, it seemed more fun to reach for this…

Here’s a lightweight CINNIE I just finished knitting for my own wardrobe.

I used a cotton/microfiber blend yarn (Plymouth JEANEE DK) that turned out crisp & lovely.

This verison has 3/4 length sleeves! I added a couple extra balls of yarn (@135 yds ea.) and followed the regular sleeve pattern but continued making decreases as directed until the sleeve was about 13.5". Then I finished it off with the regular style ribbing.

Me like! Now it’s my goTo jacket for around town or around the porch in the evenings.

Wishing you a Happy Summer with much fun knitting!
…Bonne Marie

3 responses to “New Threads Thursday July 11, 2013”

  1. Patty says:

    Looking good Bonne Marie!

  2. AnnDS says:

    LURV the shoes!

  3. Gretchen Bolender says:

    I also live in Portland. You seem to be a very proficient and creative knitter. I am a new knitter and have only knit a few items (baby sweaters for my granddaughter ). But, I keep plugging away on my projects ….. Starting a new one as soon as I finish the one most recently on the needles.
    I enjoy your blog and hope you will make more frequent entries.
    I usually shop at For Yarns Sake in Beaverton, but I intend to branch out and check out other shops.
    Thanks for an interesting knitting blog,

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