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Monday, February 25, 2008

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Redhead background music to be played low…

Now, even though I know better, I watch them every d@#% year. This time I even watched the BWalter interview show because I wanted to enjoy the ironic juxtapostion of old school (Harrison Ford/his earring) & new school (M Cyrus and her new upper lip) stylings.

But it wasn’t until the Best Supporting Actress Category that intervention was really needed and although it is sent long distance from Chicago it comes straight from the heart:

“Dear Tilda, I am only one of your biggest fans but I’ve adored your acting for years now. On behalf of Redheads everywhere, thanks for representing. But, after you got the first envelope (uh, the one with the invitation), you might’ve called me! I would’ve dropped everything and flew out to L.A. and gone shopping with you. I know how you must hate it.

It was beyond exciting when your name was called but when you hit the stage, it dawned on me! Your dress got caught in your limo door and because you overslept, you had to run for it and both your sleeve and makeup got left in the car!

Darling, it could’ve been so much easier. Let’s call our buddy next time and your Chicago girls will fix you right up…”

8 responses to “Monday, February 25, 2008”

  1. LauraK says:

    Tee hee- I love it when folks do their own thing on the red carpet. My biggest “huh?” moment was with the woman w/Daniel Day Lewis. She looked like a Christmas present gone terribly wrong. My favorite moment of the night was when Jon Stewart let Marketa Irglova give her deserved comments. Well, that and seeing Javier…

  2. Bonne Marie says:

    OW! Javier! Day-Lewis was no too shabby either, after he started giggling…

    What I really want to know though, is why did so many actors bring their Mommie?

  3. Tracey says:

    Oy, I hear ya BMarie, what the hell happened to Tilda? That was a frightening outfit. Oh well. Next year?

  4. Bonne, Oh my god! Did she not have a clue about the makeup thing? Don’t they like cake you in the stuff anytime you go infront of a camera? Did she think it would be different for the Oscars? I know a lot of questions, but geeze. And don’t even get me started on the dress it looks like it would fit Kathy Bates. Did not everyone in the world see what happened to Byork (spelling???) with her swan dress? She so needs someone to help and it was so nice of you to offer….

  5. Linda L. says:

    That looks like the kind of dress I’d wear if I were seriously on the rag and didn’t give a rat’s patootie what anyone thought of me. If that’s where she was coming from, more power to her. If she thought it was glamorous, then she needs some lessons…

    But more so – I’m freaking out over the Rick Astley video! Is that *Barak Obama* as the bartender? In a long-sleeve top and itty-bitty-eighties-shorts? Seriously I-gotta-see-that-again, ‘cuz it looks way too much like him!

  6. vivian says:

    Thanks for the music video! Brings me back to my younger days and great memories.

  7. Sil says:

    I didn’t see the show, but did see that DRESS all over the net. I guess if she wanted attention, and what actress doesn’t, it worked. The dress would have been a bit more interesting with the other sleeve hacked off. That way I wouldn’t keep tilting my head whenever they show her on the tv.

  8. gwen aka tallgrrl says:

    Maybe it’s me, but I think Tilda is one of the few people who can get away with wearing no mask…I mean no makeup.
    Loved the face, loved the hair.
    As for the dress…hey, it’s TILDA SWENTON fer chrisakes.
    She got brownie points from me for not going the whole Gucci/Versace/39 Flavours Designer of the Month route. It was different. It was avante garde. The World Did Not End, and her dress didn’t diminish the job she did in “Michael Clayton”.
    It’s fashion. It’s not real. No one is going to be wearing anything like any of those dresses… unless they’re going to something like the Oscars…so why does it matter?
    By the way…who the frell is “Kimora”? And why is she an expert?

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