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Thursday, February 21, 2008


When we left our Heroine a few months ago, she was well on her journey, but not near the end…

Now that the Eyelet Cardi is just about over the finish line (stalled and crying because Tender Buttons is no longer in Chicago and I don't have time to fly to NYC for some!), it's back on the road with my Cotton Fleece Ribby Pulli. [Ooh. I love this Turquoise color!]

Looking over my notes (this is why I love love love blogging; being a multi-project-ed maniac is way too easy), I see that I had few issues with previous stop-n-go habits on this garment. Close to the hemline, there is a row that sits slightly twisted, because when a garment sits on the needles for LONG, and you just start knitting it again, the stitches are set in their way, skewed a little, blocked, for want of a better description.

Easiest solution? When picking up a neglected knit and re-starting, rip back a row and toss the yarn. Re-attach new yarn and go for it. Check. Done and moving on...

This pullover has a kangaroo pocket which is knit on then *fused* together with the Body Stitches at the top. My pocket knitting is done but while I was working on the Body last night, it really started to bug me that the gauge was not matching with my pocket gauge (which is visibly bigger). I know I must've noticed it before but WHY didn't I do something about it???

Easy enough to go down a needle size and clinch it. Less painful when 1" is done than when the d@#! thing is finished. Now it's flabby self is staring me in the face everytime I pass go at the beginning of the round and I'm wincing.

Mother Nature to the rescue. Since we've had several days now of below Zero temperature, I'm numb/dumb enough to do the right thing: Rip that Pocket/Re-Do.

What's 40 rows or so among friends...


Speaking of Friends!

If you are lucky enough to be in Northern Cal, be sure and stop by Stitches West and give my BEST regards to the lovely ladies from Purlescence Yarns in Booths 1031-1035! Hey Nathania, Chloe, & Sandi! Hope you’re having some FUN!

Stitches West
Santa Clara Convention Center
5101 Great American Pkwy
Santa Clara, CA 95054
February 21-24, 2008

2 Responses to “Thursday, February 21, 2008”

  1. meg says:

    I love that color, too! Won’t ripping back a row or 2, then steaming the yarn a bit, then keep knitting with the same strand work?
    I think I’ve gotten over ripping, too – I look at it as the opportunity to knit it again. 2 for the price of one. :o)

  2. Tracey says:

    Nice color, you look so good in turquoise too. I think I like seeing this ribbi pulli right now because its so springy. Yay!

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