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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


If it wasn’t for something called the U.S. Primary Elections (here, let the Brits explain it), this sweater would be done!

Is it luck or a curse to be from the very same State that two of the candidates call(ed) Home? Is it a high sign or the low finger of fate that one must constantly hear and witness the pandering pundits of the political day? I’ve been spending many waking hours on assignment, recording (and listening).

Everyone has an opinion. Professors, campaign managers, pollsters, and more, are my daily fare on the Beat from now until, hmm, next January!

Although I can’t really speak to platforms, I must admit, these are some exciting times! Especially interesting to me is someone named David Axelrod. He was in the Clinton camp a long time ago. Now he is the driving force behind Obama, sometimes called *the Narrator*. Fascinating! One of the most modern of Men of the New Century…

But back to practical real world matters, does anyone understand WHY all this voting always goes on in the winter months? Is that strategic? Isn’t it much more feasible that more glad-handing, door-knocking, sidewalk pounding INFO would be generated to provide a turn-out during Better Weather?

Maybe this is Chick Logic. Like Clinton’s chick logic: an itty bitty tear might’ve let me down…

I digress.

The knitting of the Beryl sweater is done! Here it is on the board, having just feasted on a final blast of steam on the buttonbands. You can see the Mongo Steamer I have on the floor

8 responses to “Tuesday, January 15, 2008”

  1. Being a mere Canuck, I cannot explain your electoral system; I only understand ours! However, I do keep an ear on things as they are reported up here…and cannot help but wonder if Obama is doing so well because he appeared on Oprah?!

    Just a thought. :-)

  2. loonytick says:

    As I understand it, our election dates were, like so many other things in America, dictated by the agricultural calendar. The big election days are in early November because the bulk of the harvest is over but the nasty weather hasn’t yet begun, so travel to the polls was practical. The more traditional dates for primaries were at the end of winter/start of spring, when travel had once again become practical, but planting hadn’t yet started. Which means that once the urge to start moving up dates kicked in, lead by Iowa and New Hampshire, the only direction to go was into nasty weather time.

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    I concur with loonytick. The agricultural calendar (and war time resource management) was also the point behind Daylight Savings Time. When they changed the start and end date for DST, it caused major havoc for computer professionals across the United States.

  4. Yes, do vote, unless of course you’re a no party registrant in PA. Then, apparently, you’re not allowed to have an opinion……

  5. Tracey says:

    My husband has forbade me to listen to anymore NPR until after the election, in his words, “You get militant.”

  6. meg says:

    :-p I hate it when such piddly stuff interferes with my knitting. I did vote, though. Must pick my poison when I can.

  7. sahara says:

    You’re on the money about the weather! My question is why are we STILL on these outdated dates?

    BTW, thanks on the steamer mention. My iron caught a stroke, died, and I’ve been wrinkled and unblocked for a coupla’ weeks now. Thank goodness my desk isn’t a far walk from the elevator and my cubicle wall is high.

  8. Sil says:

    Poor you, all that election stuff. Honestly, it’s a bit much. CA residents have until 1/22 to register to vote btw…do it online.

    I can’t believe you traded your Scunci! I gave one to my best friend who’s a neat freak a few years ago and she thinks it’s the best gift ever. It cleans and steams, dear heavens!

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