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Day Three: Studio De-Clutter

I know this doesn’t look very interesting

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But to me it is NIRVANA.

It represents the last two days of my life. It is full of promise, it speaks volumes of progress…

This rack was a wall of yarn (and more) in Studio Chic until yesterday. You might’ve seen it before and know the reaction:
Is that your stash in the background????
The new cardigan looks nice too.

Today this rack is waiting in my closet to hold all my sweaters. Of course, on the hottest day of the year so far, my friendly organizer, Lulu & I will be moving Ton-O-Wool from the armoire they were living in to the closet rack.

But, this creates a super-crisis! On the second-to-last shelf of the unit, I had ALL of my incredibly huge collection of circular needles. They lived in the litte triangle areas: nicely, quietly, numbered and sorted, waiting for their inevitable call to action.

Even though I’ve been panicking about every hour or so during this downsizing process, this one bludgeoned me right upside the head! I just couldn’t visualize how I was going to store these anywhere else.

They need to be a Quick Draw. Can’t be living in a jumble in some drawer or box or dresser.

And as they say, Necessity is a Mother! And she lovingly saw something else that was going to stay in the room that could be repurposed with something that was in the Recycle Pile.

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

Here is a Plant Stand where one of my mannequins lives. It is now Needle Island.

I attached a rogue CD (remember those? I’ve got a whole box of those that are exiting the premises) rack that was in my office with trusty twist ties to the frame and moved the little number labels to their new home and VOILA!

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

Now, if only I could pack FASTER I could get back to my knitting!

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2 responses to “Day Three: Studio De-Clutter”

  1. Patty says:

    Genius Bonne Marie! Oh…the packing.

  2. Bonne Marie says:

    Goll darn it, Patty, if only you lived closer you could *join in the fun*. Heh.

    [And think about all the live treasure that’s making it’s way to the Washington St goodwill…]

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