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Monday, December 3, 2007

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Three of my most favorite things intersect this month like cool whip on a crispy pumpkin pie: Tim Burton + musical + Johnny Depp!

But can he sing?

13 responses to “Monday, December 3, 2007”

  1. Judith in NYC says:

    I am not sure, but I don’t really care.

    PS How about Johnny Depp with some cool whip?

  2. Bonne Marie says:

    My answer exactly! This movie has me doing my homework though. I’m not really familiar with the story. Yet.

  3. Tracey says:

    Oh Judith, yep, I’ll take one of those too. Um, I don’t know if he can sing, but I can just bring ear plugs and drool at the screen.

  4. Darinka says:

    Oh be still my beating heart :) I’m not a fan of Sweeney Todd but Johnny Depp any day.

  5. Carol says:

    Who cares?! Bring em’!

  6. lynda says:

    I’m pretty sure my Johnny can do anything :o)

  7. Iko says:

    Well, Sondheim supposedly had final-say in the casting, so I figure if it has his stamp of approval, it should be alright. (Although I do love Depp, there’s a small part of me that wishes Danny Elfman was cast in the role instead. We know Elfman can sing and is age-appropriate for the role.)

  8. Seanna Lea says:

    I love Sweeney Todd, but I’ve been kind of wary of what I’ve seen in previews on television. I don’t think his voice is strong enough for the role, though I’m still going to see it anyway.

  9. rachel says:

    Johnny Depp!
    Johnny Depp!
    Johnny Depp!
    Wait, what was the question?

  10. gwen aka tllgrrl says:

    For the movie adaptation, the role of Sweeney Todd doesn’t necessarily need the pipes of a Len Cariou or George Hearn (who I had the pleasure of seeing in the role) to pull it off.
    It just needs to be acted well…and you KNOW Depp is going to step up to the plate and hit it out of the park.
    I can’t wait to see how he and Tim Burton handles Sweeney’s First Act-ending ‘aria’: “Epiphany”.
    If you’ve never heard it, find it (original Broadway cast or revival) and listen.
    It’s absolutely, jaw-droppingly chilling.

  11. Ruth says:

    One of my favorite musicals ever + Johnny Depp = swoon.

  12. Cat says:

    OMG Johnny Depp and he sings… OMG be still my heart.


  13. Christy says:

    If you pop on over to the official website, you can hear a bit of the singing. Mr Depp does a fair enough job that I was impressed. (Find the behind the scenes bit where they alternate him in the studio/the actual film).

    I’m more concerned about comparing Helena Bonham Carter to Angela Lansbury.

    and I think Alan Rickman will make a great Judge.

    and wots-iz-name (Pettigrew in the HP movies) as Beadle should be good too.

    can’t wait!

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