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TGIF March 9, 2012

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

WOOT! We have some winners from last week’s TGIF book draw


Better fit coming your way, ladies!

by random draw #1 – MOTHER-DAUGHTER KNITS (hardback copy)
“My toughest sweater problem is getting the sleeves the right length. I have having my wrists feel cold!.”

by random draw #2 – MOTHER-DAUGHTER KNITS (paperback copy)
“My most difficult area to fit is my ever growing boobs. When I gain weight, it appears to all go to my boobs and I am not used to it. I used to be really small and in my mind I still am much to my dismay once I try it on.”


stay tuned for more fun – we’re finding more goodies-to-go this weekend and will update next TGIF

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