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Monday, November 5, 2007

  Monday Morning Mirth  

silly Wombat…

OK. Maybe this has happened to you.

You’re shopping along and it just grabs you.

The Label.

You don’t need it. You don’t really know what it is.

But in your hot little hand it lands…

You don’t need it.

Until you do…


identify the above OR confess to impulse purchases below…

17 responses to “Monday, November 5, 2007”

  1. ~S says:

    Well I can’t wait to see what you dye with this. :)

  2. MaureenM says:

    What would I do without google?

    It’s dye based on the natural beauty of Australia.

    Also available in Dingo.

  3. Oh, dye! Never would have guessed! But in the confession realm, I bought a small can at the grocery store, mostly for the name, but also for my lunch at work… Beany Weenies! Baked beans with hot dogs. That name just made me giggle!

  4. nancy says:

    The thing is, the manufacturer has missed a real opportunity because that’s not a wombat on the bottle. It’s a platypus. I think I’d be more likely to buy something named Platypus.

  5. Bonne Marie says:


    Indeed! That IS a platypus!

    But I went for the word wombat and I have no idea what a wombat is!

    BEHOLD: the Wombat

    I LOVE HIM!!! Especially the Southern-Hairy-Nosed one…

  6. Jayme says:

    There are countless bottles of wine on our wine rack that were purchased purely because of the labels. Most are somehow fiber/wool/sheep/alpaca related. And as pointed out that is not a wombat, wombats are a type of marsupial from Australia that look a bit like cute fuzzy pigs.

  7. Christy says:

    one of the new shops up here carries those dyes! it was all I could do to resist buying a bunch of them!

  8. Joyce in Chicago says:

    Knitting indie rock fans, here is a link to a picture of our fine hero–John Darnielle hisself!–with a wombat. Scroll down and click on pic for full groovy feelings of amazement.

  9. Michele says:

    Thanks to google, I know it’s dye…..but my non-google guess would have been some kind of dog food made from wombats…..

  10. meg says:

    My first guess was some sort of gardening tonic, but I searched on the name & got that you must’ve been having a little stroll through your lys. My last impulse in that area was Friday & I got a huge ball of roving (11 oz) in a strawberries & cream sorta color. Mmmm, yummy Shetland blend.

  11. Jennifer says:

    It’s dye! I took a look online and chuckled over the dingo color too.

  12. Sil says:

    Wha??? Very funny package, though reading through the previous comments, I’m hoping it’s not HAIR dye. Tooo odd.

  13. Ruth in Houston says:

    Could it be Wombat manure?

  14. claudia says:

    My sister thinks this is hair dye. Do try.


  15. Theresa says:

    Ummmm….I live in Australia…I have absolutely no idea what it is…but I can tell you I am even more confused by the the image. The animal pictured is a platypus-one of my favourite marsupials-it is an amazing animal-small, bears its young in a pouch like the kangaroo, has a leather bill and spends most of its time in water. The wombat, on the other hand-equally lovable-lives in a hole in the ground, can grow quite large and has a tendency to be quite aggressive if crossed-but then most humans can be as well. After a little more thought I suspect the contents are some kind of chocolate covered sweet suggestive of the animals to eat…the chocolates…not the droppings.

  16. Alexia says:

    Ummm – Theresa, the Platypus is actually a monotreme and it lays eggs (there are only two types of egg-laying mammals – the Platypus and several species of Echidna)

    But I agree that it is most definitely not a Wombat.

  17. val says:

    yes it is Landscape acid dyes from Australia. the colourway is elements. and yes that is a platypus on the label. :)

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