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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

self-portrait Tuesday



Out-for-the-count. Not 21st Century boy style, either. Just old school BLOTTO. A Trilogy of Technical Terror…

Part One: sometime in the near past (?!) an assignment on the server that hosts Chic Knits changed. No one EVER knows how these things happen and when you’re on the phone to SE Asia? Malaysia? Korea? HOW becomes irrelevant rather quickly and NOW becomes the chant.

As in: Make It Stop!

That one little assignment change made some root level folders on my site server start catching and filling with all the known Spam in the Universe. Well. Not all of it but a whole gob-smacking avalanche big enough to knock the CHIC right off line. Maybe you noticed.

Those folders filled to the brim meaning I had no disk space at all. And when I tried to post an entry in this blog, the fun really started.

The Berkely Database canabalized itself.

While trying to find a squooosh of space anywhere, Movable Type corrupted itself, blowing data chunks all over the place, not unlike that night I was unlucky enough to take the bottle of screw-top wine from my friend’s hand at a concert.


So, instead of knitting, my fine friends, I’ve been Data Mining the last few days! I think I’ve cleaned up most of it. I did lose a TON of comments, including the most recent ones you all left about my Mom — thank you all for your generous thoughts — I did get to read them before they vaporized :)

Now I’m seriously thinking of migrating this ole blog to a hosted server. THOSE guys never seem to go down, right? Seriously, for the most part, and the estimates at Technorati alone are over 70 million blogs worldwide, these hosts do a pretty amazing job.

Part Two: all of this took place in a fry baby of a house because my central air unit had blown up! Never, and I mean, never, underestimate the importance of a $20 part especially when it comes with a $200 labor bill.

Part Three: to escape all of the above torture, one might turn to one’s Entertainment Center and lose one’s self in Sound. But ALAS! It too had caught whatever Ill Techno Wind was migrating everywhere else in This Old House. No Music. No Tuner. Dust-to-Dust…

At least my DVD player is still working. But where oh where is MY Colonel Brandon?

(Tell me who is Col. Brandon and win some STR [color Alina] yarn! Winner chosen by random drawing Friday, the 10th.)

62 responses to “Tuesday, August 7, 2007”

  1. Karen B. says:

    Poor puss. So sorry about your tech woes. Hopefully, things will be looking up soon!

  2. Gina H. says:

    Ah, Colonel Brandon…he’s a hero in Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility” who falls head over heels for Marianne Dashwood. After Willoughby breaks Marianne’s heart, Colonel Brandon is still there for her, still devoted to her.

  3. Leanne says:

    Col. Brandon as played by Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility?

  4. Bridget says:

    He marries Marianne in Sense and Sensibility.

  5. Maria says:

    Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility! I love that movie :)

  6. deirdre says:

    Col. Brandon, the lovely Alan Rickman, in Sense and Sensibility. But I don’t think he could help fix any of your technical problems…

  7. Lauren says:

    Colonel Brandon is the one who winds up marrying Marianne in Sense & Sensibility after the cad Willoughby breaks her heart. Alan Rickman played Brandon in the movie version. He was wonderful.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Sorry to hear about your technical woes – especially the air conditioning! ack! I love Col. Brandon too – especially as played by Alan Rickman in the film version of Sense and Sensibility. Oh, that voice… My mom and I watch that one pretty regularly and swoon over him, not Willoughby.

  9. Melanie says:

    Have to agree with the other commenters…Col Brandon from Sense and Sensibilitiy AKA Alan Rickman…:-) Sorry about the tech-y problems – things like that always seem to happen at the worst times!

  10. Dee says:

    Colonel Brandon is the guy who marries Marrianne in Sense and Sensibility. He has the deepest, most sensual voice!

  11. LeighB in ATL says:

    Ah, Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility. I love Jane Austen! BTW, you know you’ve grown up when you start to go for the Brandons and Duckies of the world, instead of the Willoughbys and Blaines.

    I used to think Blaine was so dreamy. But I remember watching Pretty in Pink a few years ago. And at the end, I was screaming at Molly Ringwald… “What are you DOING? Duckie is RIGHT THERE! Go to him!!!

    Ah, the folly of youth.

  12. Teresa says:

    Colonel Brandon – A retired officer and friend of Sir John Middleton who falls in love with Marianne Dashwood and acts kindly, honorably, and graciously towards the Dashwoods throughout the novel Sense and Sensibility.

    What’s that they say about things coming in threes? Hopefully you’ve experienced your allotment of broken-ness and will now move into your expansion of blessings period!

  13. Tricia says:

    Colonel Brandon was from Sense and Sensibility. Glad you got/are getting everything straightened out – now back to the needles!

  14. Becky says:

    Oh no! I sympathize, Miss B-M :-( Have you considered migrating to MySQL? Corruption possibility is minimized to like 0%. If you have questions about it or need help, lemme know!

    Where’s Colonel Brandon? In my fantasies. Hee hee!

  15. Tracey says:

    Yer Back! Mmm, Colonel Brandan…oh yes and Mmmm Duckie! Anywho, glad you are back with us my dear, and here’s hoping a new and unabashadely techno gifted wind blows through ye old home.

  16. Mary says:

    I am so sorry about all this garbage you’re enduring with Modern Technology! That’s too much during Summer in the City. I hope Alan Rickman will appear to sweep you up in his arms and take you out for a really nice dinner, a la Colonel Brandon and Miss Dashwood…(OK, Col. Brandon probably had the servants prepare the meal, but maybe he could cook, too?)

  17. Mary says:

    Col. Brandon (Alan Rickman) fell in love with Ms. Dashwool in Sense & Sensibility. Love Alan Rickman.

  18. Deirdre says:

    Colonel Brandon… Sense and Sensibility… Alan Rickman… mmmm……

  19. barb says:

    Col. Brandon is in Sense and Sensibility, played by Alan Rickman. One of my favorites!

  20. Sonja says:

    Alan Rickman in Sense & Sensibility!!!! He lurrrves Marianne!!!!

  21. beverly says:

    The handsome, older Colonel Brandon is perfect for Marianne, isn’t he? Stabalizes her, but revels in her zest for life. And he’s there when the going gets rough, good man that he is.

    I just watched Sense & Sensibility last week. One of my faves!!

  22. stacie says:

    Alan Rickman plays Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility (the BEST Jane Austen film adaptation, imho–Emma Thompson deserved well earned that screenwriting Oscar!)

  23. kirstin says:

    Colonel Brandon is the dashing yet remote gentleman suitor in Sense and Sensibility. Not as flashy as Marianne’s first choice, but a far better fit for her, despite his history of romantic disappointments.

  24. LaurieM says:

    I just watched Sense and Sensibility again this weekend. Alan Rickman did a great job with the Colonel Brandon character, but I think Hugh Grant looks like such a weenie as Edward Ferrars.

  25. edie says:

    I’m sorry! That all really bites! I think switching to a hosted server would be better. We experienced a huge change when we switched dh’s company server to another company. We were getting 2am-5am phone calls regarding our server going down on a nightly basis. We switched to another company and have had no problems.

    I’m was feeling the a/c pain a couple of weeks ago with some lingering pain that continues. Our condenser unit died. They came to give us estimates on replacing the system it ranged from $4500-$8000. UGH! My uncle does a/c work so he was able to buy a used condenser and install it. It’s a temporary fix until we figure out where we will get the money to replace everything. I’m glad yours was only $220. It still sucks paying it though.

    I hope everything else goes smoothly for you this week.

  26. Tina says:

    Bonne! I had to read Colonel Brandon twice before it registered! Yes, Mr. Alan Rickman in that lovely Jane Austen piece Sense and Sensibility. I just bought it last week at Target for $4.99!

  27. Betsy says:

    You have a thing for Snape don’t you! In the novel Sense and Sensibility Colonel Brandon isn’t all that good looking, but we all know that good looks are in the eye of the beholder.

  28. Sarah says:

    Ah, Colonel Christopher Brandon, old army buddy of Sir John Middleton, treated oh-so-rudely by the every-romantic Marianne Dashwood, yet still madly in love with her. Which all works out in the end – sigh. (Sense and Sensibility – with Alan Rickman – was on TV on Sunday!)

  29. Wanda says:

    Oh, no, sorry you’ve been having so many technical blog issues. I hope it gets resolved soon.

  30. Denise says:

    You were not the only one with tech problems. Our Tv went (motherboard), only 3 months old. Also, my hubby’s computer is acting up – it does it’s own thing, like turning off by itself or going into and out of sleep mode by itself. I am keeping my laptop away from all other tech devices just in case it is catching.

    Col Brandon is from Jane Austin’s Sense and Sensibility. I have to go find my copy now =)

  31. Toby Wollin says:

    OK – instead of this being a omg, the technology failed thing, it turned into an Alan Rickman fanfest. Now, frankly, I think his work in Sense and Sensibility is his best. Period. I also think his worst (though definitely enjoyable if you like “chewing the scenery”)is the rancher in ‘Quigley Down Under”. But back to the point of the thing: Bonne Marie – I think you have had what would be classified by anyone under “bad day” and I hereby give you a free pass for a tall frosty “whatever it is that you drink”, some terrific gourmet snack, operating AC AND Mr. Rickman on the tube in either “Truly Madly Deeply” – OR S&S – your choice. Enjoy.

  32. Kate says:

    Ah, Colonel Brandon…did you need someone to hand you his pocket knife to cut that pesky reed so you could finish weaving your…what were they making? Hats? Baskets? Something suitably Sensible!


  33. Sense and Senseability Is one of my favorite books and movies (a rare thing that I like both versions!) I love Alan Rickman’s portrayal. As an aside I can’t wait for the new movie about Jane Austin, it looks really great. I just love Anne Hathaway.

    Sorry about all the Technical woes. I get overwhelmed easily when things don’t work. I know how to make things go but I don’t know why they go, a big difference when you are trying to fix something.

  34. lourdes says:

    Colonel Brandon is the guy who saves Marianne from spinsterhood and poverty in Sense and Sensibility. Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon – HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!

  35. abby says:

    So sorry to hear that you’ve had so many explosions recently! Yes, watching Alan Rickman can solve many, many problems. Throw in a little Truly, Madly, Deeply and Harry Potter for good measure…

  36. Lisa says:

    Colonel Brandon – a character in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.

    I hope the technical difficulties get sorted out – seems like you have had more than your share.

  37. Alli says:

    Col. Brandon is the hottie in Sense and Sensibilty that Marianne Dashwood ended up with (who she totally didn’t deserve after all of the carrying on and silliness over Willoughby). Played by the completely yummy Alan Rickman.

  38. Pam says:

    Well, I don’t know if you’ll believe it now, but I knew before I read all the OTHER comments, that Colonel Brandon is the hero of Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility – and in the movie was played by Alan Rickman. Am I the only one who has always been sorry for Emma Thompson because she ended up with the relatively insipid Hugh Grant?

  39. Jayme says:

    Col. Brandon is a character in Sense and Sensibility. Good friend of Sir. Middleton who marries Marianne Dashwood.

  40. Lorraine says:

    Col. Brandon loves Marianne Dashwood. He’s also played by Alan Rickman, AKA Snape!

  41. Leslie says:

    Col. Brandon from Sense and Sensibility and marries the broken hearted Marianne!

  42. Janet says:

    For some reason I have never thought of you as a Jane Austen fan, although I do know you are an Alan Rickman fan.

  43. meg says:

    Mmm, that velvety Alan Rickman voice (& everything else) portraying a gentle,kind, True Gentleman in Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility! I love that movie & that character. I might have to buy that movie.
    No a/c here, either. No need for most of the year, and blessedly it gets cool in the p.m. Natural air, I love it. Free air!

  44. Carol says:

    You poor baby! It can only get better fron here!

  45. Ronni says:

    Well, clearly lost of people know that Col. Brandon is the character from Sense & Sensibility who loves Marianne Dashwood long before she returns his regard. And I’m betting some of the previous commenters are right and the particular filmed Col. Brandon you admire is the Alan Rickman one. Speaking of which, I had to go watch that version between starting this comment and finishing it.

  46. Ronni says:

    Oops. That should be lots not lost. So much for my proofreading skills.

  47. Danielle says:

    I think the good Colo. Brandon has been suitably covered. :)

    As for hosting, I can’t recommend Vermont Web Host Co. enough. I switched to them recently after putting up with Yahoo’s server meltdowns for far too long. My account so far has been handled by one very talented customer service person who’s a techy but speaks non-geek very well. It’s been a total breath of fresh air.

    Good luck deciding on who to host with, and I hope your week gets better. :)

  48. KT says:

    Col. Brandon from Sense and Sensibility! Played by none other than Alan Rickman in the exquisite movie. :)

  49. Tracy Hite says:

    Alan Rickman’s character from Sense and Sensibility. I thought you were trying to cool off, not get all hot & steamy again!

  50. claire says:

    If I were you, I would have had Colonel Brandon fix your computer woes…….then you could have kicked off your shoes, enjoyed a glass of wine, and fashioned a wonderful new creation in the shade of LIME GREEN………now, THAT would be “Sense and Sensibility!”

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