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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

self-portrait Tuesday



Out-for-the-count. Not 21st Century boy style, either. Just old school BLOTTO. A Trilogy of Technical Terror…

Part One: sometime in the near past (?!) an assignment on the server that hosts Chic Knits changed. No one EVER knows how these things happen and when you’re on the phone to SE Asia? Malaysia? Korea? HOW becomes irrelevant rather quickly and NOW becomes the chant.

As in: Make It Stop!

That one little assignment change made some root level folders on my site server start catching and filling with all the known Spam in the Universe. Well. Not all of it but a whole gob-smacking avalanche big enough to knock the CHIC right off line. Maybe you noticed.

Those folders filled to the brim meaning I had no disk space at all. And when I tried to post an entry in this blog, the fun really started.

The Berkely Database canabalized itself.

While trying to find a squooosh of space anywhere, Movable Type corrupted itself, blowing data chunks all over the place, not unlike that night I was unlucky enough to take the bottle of screw-top wine from my friend’s hand at a concert.


So, instead of knitting, my fine friends, I’ve been Data Mining the last few days! I think I’ve cleaned up most of it. I did lose a TON of comments, including the most recent ones you all left about my Mom — thank you all for your generous thoughts — I did get to read them before they vaporized :)

Now I’m seriously thinking of migrating this ole blog to a hosted server. THOSE guys never seem to go down, right? Seriously, for the most part, and the estimates at Technorati alone are over 70 million blogs worldwide, these hosts do a pretty amazing job.

Part Two: all of this took place in a fry baby of a house because my central air unit had blown up! Never, and I mean, never, underestimate the importance of a $20 part especially when it comes with a $200 labor bill.

Part Three: to escape all of the above torture, one might turn to one’s Entertainment Center and lose one’s self in Sound. But ALAS! It too had caught whatever Ill Techno Wind was migrating everywhere else in This Old House. No Music. No Tuner. Dust-to-Dust…

At least my DVD player is still working. But where oh where is MY Colonel Brandon?

(Tell me who is Col. Brandon and win some STR [color Alina] yarn! Winner chosen by random drawing Friday, the 10th.)

62 responses to “Tuesday, August 7, 2007”

  1. Bonne Marie says:

    Would that it were so…


    A. Rickman: HOT

    H. Grant: NOT

    Mr. Grant, perhaps is more the character he played in “Bridget Jones Diary” ie. the cad, Daniel Cleaver. He just seemed so real in that part ;p

  2. Kat R says:

    Okay, I honestly did not read the comments to find out who Colonel Brandon is AND I guess I better run rent “Sense and Sensibility” or be exiled to the land of “You haven’t seen what?!”

    Upon a quick Google search, I found that Colonel Brandon was none other than the character played by Alan Rickman in “Sense and Sensibility”.

    …as I hang my head in shame for not knowing this important piece of movie trivia…

    So sorry to hear of your blog hosting woes. I work in IT and have grown to just love…er…hate computers! Ah, to knit for a living…

  3. Margaret says:

    Colonel Brandon is played by Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility. Love that movie!

  4. Kathleen says:

    From Sense and Sensibility, Colonel Brandon is a retired officer and friend of Sir John Middleton who falls in love with Marianne Dashwood and acts kindly, honorably, and graciously towards the Dashwoods throughout the novel.

  5. Beth in Seattle says:

    Col. Brandon – the beloved Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility.

    Sorry to hear about your technology hell. When it rains, it pours.

  6. Michele says:

    Colonel Brandon is Sense and Sensibility’s “old bachelor” who eventually marries Marianne, the sensibility sister (i.e. the more “emotional” sister). I *heart* Jane Austen.

  7. Delica says:

    Colonel Brandon? Yup, yummy Alan Rickman from Sense and Sensibility. One of my favorite heros – sigh!!!

  8. janna says:

    Holy crap, honey! How awful! And I’m not really sure that Colonel Brandon could fix either your server or your a/c… but I guess it would be fun to let him try…

  9. Frarochvia says:

    Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon… which one do you prefer, Snape or Brandon? Discuss! ;)

  10. elise says:

    Oh! Col. Brandon is the one Marianne marries in Sense and Sensibility. I’m looking for my very own Col. Brandon. I feel like I already dated Willoughby!

  11. Laughingrat says:

    Aw man, for reals? That’s terrible! To be without A/C in this weather sucks, AND to have computer problems, AND no entertainment? Not cool. No pun intended. I’d’ve gotten a hotel room or something, cash allowing. :(

  12. TeresaB says:

    Ahh, Col. Brandon from “Sense & Sensability”. I can see why a good dose of Alan Rickman would go a long way to soothing your nerves after such a harried day.

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