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Thursday, August 2, 2007

I must say, that this has, so far been a most enjoyable Summer! All sorts of *farming* is taking place over here and we grow, grow, grow in the sunny, balmy air.

As the temperature of the Air goes up (in the high 90’s heading up to the 100’s soon), my motivation to knit wool goes down. The combination of house guests, humidity and nightside opportunity made for little knitting last week on my Mystery Shawl #3.

I think I’ve found my solution.

I am an early riser — 6-ish? sometimes, 5-ish? — depending on the call of the bird life out of my window. As regular as a Cock-O-the-Walk, we have some kind of bird in our neighborhood that greets the sun with a Very Loud Song. Once I’m up, I’m up and I’ve been going out on the deck and enjoying the coolness of the morning.

This perch is about 2.5 stories up and about 2 miles from Lake Michigan. It’s usually nice and refreshing until the sun is overhead. The Swing is a nice oasis for Lace Knitting. The little *convenience center* between the two seats holds my pattern and cork-backed ruler, click-counter, and carabiner stopwatch for keeping track of the time.

I am about half-way through Clue 3 and totally enjoying this knit.
It just keeps getting prettier and prettier, pulling me along for the ride.

I really don’t need the watch, though. The sun gets to a certain point as it’s rising and it comes around the corner of my house and I can feel it in my hands.

I finish Row 170 (!), offer the Sun a clammy salute and go inside . . .

3 responses to “Thursday, August 2, 2007”

  1. Bonne Marie says:

    Due to a Tragic Server Crash, I’ve lost all my comments on this post. I apologize for the wacky behavior on the site the last couple of days — don’t ask…

  2. Terry says:

    I think because you’re a very astute person that you don’t need the watch – interesting, I can be like that too. I’d like to know why Vogue didn’t include you in their profiles of modern day knitters – I think you’re a fantastic example!

  3. Carol says:

    Good luck with your PC issues :( It’s a very frustrating thing. I do love your morning “perch”. Looks like a lovely place to create!

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