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Wednesday, July7, 2004


presenting Em, the beautiful Ballerina

wearing her Contest Winning Bottoms UP Bucket Hat

da BUP was created by her gorgeous and wonderful MOM, Donna..
(Sydney, Australia)

I couldn’t help myself! When I saw the winning entry over at Fluffa’s Spring Bucket Along, I had to share! I met Donna earlier this year when she joined the blogring and made her beautiful Gigi…

Then I was cruising the Buckets @Becky’s and found her winners and I am just verklempt! Tears in my eyes for ALL of the Bucketeer Glory shown on that site!


It is still a miracle to me that anything
I put down on paper will
end up as an FO on someone’s head..


For some more BUP delight, HAT’s OFF TO:


Rhonda’s BUP over @KnittingGirl


— please leave any cotton yarn suggestions in the coments box today, and I’ll make a master list for a FAQs page —

Becky’s ramping up a SUMMER BUPalong –
check it out by clicking this button

3 responses to “Wednesday, July7, 2004”

  1. Lacy says:

    Amazing just how many people one person can inspire. Your patterns are addictive and a joy to make. Many thanks to you Bonne Marie! Three Cheers for you and your talent! Here, here!

  2. Becky says:

    FACT: Your Bottom’s UP Bucket and your Bucket-o-Chic are so fun to knit, I just can’t stop. I’m knitting them as gifts for everyone. I have friends who are wearing theirs in Missouri and Florida. I wore my winter Bucket-o-Chic while looking at lights during the Fete des Lumieres here in Lyon. I knit a cotton one for my sister and she’s wearing it in Dubai. My niece just received the two summer hats I recently knit for her and she’s wearing them in Mexico. You’re all over the globe, B-M!

  3. Alysia says:

    OMG that is the cutest BoC picture I’ve ever seen!!!!! :D

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