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December 2, 2011

   It’s been a whirlwind week here at Chez Chic and
no sweeter phrase has passed my lips…

Call us Topsy Turvey what with all the plasterers and dust and painters and mayhem adding making a cornucopia of chaos! And to make it even more of an adventure, for several days I’ve been camping out in my studio with barely room to turn around — haven’t had the space to take any pictures of my WIP and I’ve been lonely for them!

But I must be way rusty because I put the wrong lens on one of my cameras and got a big surprise!

This is some serious vignetting — looks almost like a peephole — like I’m spying on my knitting. WEIRD.

But I liked it so much, I played around with some toning on two takes and think this is pretty amusing Sleeve Portrait.

Here is the second sleeve of a certifiably vintage Cassidy that I’ve been knitting on for oh, about three years!? To add insult to injury, I seem to be short a skein of yarn and probably do not have enough to do a hood & button bands.

This is actually OK, because the yarn has a lot of body and the hood whould probably not drape as nicely as I’d like. AND, for what ever reason, I’m going through a phase where I’m refreshing some old sweaters by taking off their collars and making them classic crewnecks.

I love the that look most of all on a sweater — I must have some serious DNA memory in me of the WWII years and the Sweater Girls…

Viva la CrewNeck! And a happy weekend to YOU! I’m going to go try and finish this sleeve! ;)

2 responses to “December 2, 2011”

  1. meppybn says:

    Agree entirely – as much as hoods are/were fun additions for, shall I say, younger generation, I could not see myself wearing one (58 years old). Yet the classic basic sweater is and always will be wearable for all ages – keep designing your fab ones! Sounds like you’re hanging in through the remodel – it’ll be WORTH it :) :)

  2. Gecika says:

    Love the sleeve, really love the photos.

    I prefer a cowl neckline myself, or a ribbed collar. I like my sweaters snuggly warm!

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