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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

round one

In NYC, everything is larger than life, even Bruce Willis, who’s head I
thought could not possibly be any larger than it naturally is, here
measuring in at 3+ stories high…

Every once in awhile, it’s good to go somewhere and get the stuffing knocked out of ya.

For me, that place is New York City. Manhattan, to be exact.

It’s a humbling thing to be told by a cab driver that your home town is a "miniature New York" but when you find yourself agreeing with him with a big smile on your face, you know you might be in for a very good time.

Three of us flew in for a Surprise Birthday Weekend and we stayed at the Times Square Marriott. I was happy to see from our hotel window that the Harry Potter folk got a much bigger poster than Grease. Teen Angst vs. Teen Angst: Muggles Lose!

Adult Angst: we got off to a rather bumpy start when ATA lost my luggage, but it wasn’t long before my man Dennis Leary appeared out of nowhere, expressing my dilemma exactly…

click all small pics for
larger pix

CLEAN: Almighty. Since the last time I was in NYC, things in Times Square have been quite sanitized. There’s lots of franchise offerings instead of flesh zones (for instance, an Ann Taylor loft where I picked up an emergency outfit for our theatre date with "The Drowsy Chaperone").

The colorful NYPD station in Times Square is still as neon wonderful as ever, though.

We visited Midtown for dinner before the show and caught some decent seafood at Papillon, 22 E. 54th Street, then walked the neighborhood.

Wear-able? Victoria Beckham has been a busy, busy gal it seems.

She has released her own Denim line, and encourages us all to wear Hot Pants with very High Heels. I must admit, I did not see any New Yorkers sporting this look but it was early.

HOLY: Strolling the avenue, 5th Ave, we passed the St. Patrick’s Cathedral (between 50th and 51st St). It has the most incredible 3/4 size figures embedded in its bronze doors.

The interior is much like gothic Euro churches with many small chapels lining the main area. I would love to explore this further.

This figure intrigued me the most.

We laughed so hard and long during the DC, we were almost unable to stroll Broadway After Dark, but I was lucky to find the absolutely Perfect Nightshirt at the Perfect Price (although it was $1 cheaper 1 block over)! We celebrated with a slice nightcap from a Famiglia Pizza stand! AH, sweet dreams…

to be continued…

9 responses to “Tuesday, June 19, 2007”

  1. Karen B. says:

    St. Patrick’s has the grandeur but Trinity Church has a quiet elegance that I sort of prefer.

    Heh. That souvenir shop looks like one where I may have purchased a shirt or two. Did ATA ever locate your luggage?

  2. rachel says:

    Thanks for taking us along on the trip. I haven’t been to NYC since I was a kid.

  3. Maureen says:

    The interesting figure at St. Patricks is most likely Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, patroness of the environment and environmentalists.

    She was born in what became NY State and so it is not surprising to see her honored at St. Pats.

  4. Corinne says:

    Denis Leary looks like the Alien on that poster.

  5. Marji says:

    I had no idea, so it was fun to read the responses.

  6. Tracey says:

    *sigh* wishing for a trip to NYC…

    Glad to hear one of my fave redheads had a good time tho

  7. sahara says:

    Hey there!

    It ain’t that early

  8. claire says:

    Yes, that is Kateri on the door of St. Pat’s, “The Lily of the Mohawks”.

  9. Angela says:

    Times Square (and its environs) are almost too clean now. Thank (or blame) The Mouse, depending on your point of view. I’m working on my casting for The Alienist…

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