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Thursday, April 11, 2007

hey, WINTER. yeah you. Get thee BEHIND ME!

In a sneak attempt to prolong the profit margin of the utility companies, Mother Nature is whipping the Big Windy with all sorts of mess: snow, ice, icy snow, icy rain, high winds, low faces.

I refuse to buckle under the Pressure! This is just more time for me to go get the upcoming season in order. (It is coming, right? Promise???)

Many folks have beat me to the punch – I’m seeing all sorts of wondrous spring-ish garments all over. Have you seen Mademoiselle Michelle’s CeCe? I am so absolutely impressed because she re-cycled some linen-y type yarn from a man’s Structure sweater!!! Or how about the very chic Christine, in her glorious Purple ChicKami? Hmmm. Cotton? Seeing Erika’s Ariann, done in, OMG, Cotton Ease, put me smack dab in a Spring-time frame of mind:

Erika made her collar longer – I’ve been waiting to see if someone would do this – BRAVA! I love it – would recommend going to 6 inches for a great look!

So what’s a girl to do?
That’s what…

All you have to do to get enough *new edition* Cotton Ease (color: Lake) to make an Ariann is send me an email at:
with the words “Spring Fever” in the subject line…


Winner posted Tuesday
chosen by random drawing.

I’m casting on…

12 responses to “Thursday, April 11, 2007”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Wow, what a gallery of lovely projects! I love they way everyone makes them their own. I’ve just started my cutaway, and am loving it.

  2. Wannietta says:

    Ada really loved the Ariann pattern & wanted me to pass on her thanks for your kindness. She’s going to try working it in Malabrigo to make it larger. I’ll take a picture when she’s done.

  3. Michelle says:

    Woo hoo! I was just wearing my alpaca blend Ariann the other day and feeling happy that it was still cold enough to wear it before spring finally shows up. And I just started a project in the new Cotton Ease (a blanket that’s going to take for-freaking-ever) and had started to think that maybe I need a Cotton Ease Ariann! Synchronicity (or Spring-chronicity?) abounds!

    I’ve missed KIPping with y’all lately, but life has intervened. I’m coming next week for sure!

  4. pixie says:

    dang they re-did the label, it looks so much more… glamorouse lol

    That’s my girl erika! you go girl!

  5. Leah says:

    OMG! Just gorgeous!

    I’m sending out the “pick me, pick me, pick me” vibe!

  6. Sonya says:

    I need to make a CeCe of my own. I am lagging in the Chic wardrobe augmentation department. I’ve got the patterns, no shortage as far as yarn. That time thing. Urr.

  7. Bea Apple says:

    Cotton Ease, who would have thought?! Erika’s version of Ariann is really pretty! I love the pattern, I think I first saw it on January One’s blog. I put my name in the hat for the prize!

  8. I am so in need of sunshine and Spring!

  9. Tracey says:

    Oy! I am hating this weather. Usually I am in full swing spring knits mode, but am clinging to the wool due to this terrible weather…this is a good thing for my Scood Du Jour, a bad thing for my Ariann in the wings.

  10. Jane Piotraschke says:

    I just love the color and the sweater. It’s a color I have not worked with –yet. Plase put my name in the drawing for the great color!!!!

  11. Ann says:

    Purty! Purty!

    I am grieving over your weather situation. Is there no MERCY?


  12. Sarah says:

    The weather was slightly less gross today. But only slightly…

    Can’t wait for weather that will be perfect for an Ariann!

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