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Tuesday, March 6, 2007


This time of year, especially in the Midwest, can be deadly boring. It is just cold enough to want to hide inside, but ye dreaded Cabin Fever lives there! Avoidance Techniques? Hmm. Just how much TV can a person stomach? How much DVD repeats, music, board games, bored games, oh that’s it! I was so bored the last few days, even with a sniveling cold, I broke down and did housework! [Anybody got some sure fire tricks they use to bust their own Cabin Crazies?]

Now that the floor is clean, I pulled out the Blocking Rug and got to it.

I’m going to blame the Fuel I’ve been ingesting (Girl Scout Cookies: Samoas & Do-Si-Dos spin me baby) to explain the fact that I’m actually making progress on my Twist sweater. Both Fronts and Sleeves are now done and blocking. Happiness reigns.

If I can, I like to incrementally block then finish as I go – now I can seam the Sleeves and when I finish the Hood (which needs joined Fronts & Backs) I will be way ahead of the game.

I’m going to cast-on for the Back next. I’ve added the cable pattern up the Sleeves and will also have it on the Back. Other Mods: lengthened the bottom ribbing on all pieces a bit.

It’s 26 degrees and sunny WOhoo!

16 responses to “Tuesday, March 6, 2007”

  1. Patty says:

    Just beautiful. You’ll have to model it for us once it’s complete.

  2. Patty says:

    Just beautiful. You’ll have to model it for us once it’s complete.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Very nice! I have no cabin fever cures. It is in the single digits here — we are getting the cold nasty weather you had already.

  4. Michele says:

    I see that you’re blocking before adding your button bands – I’ve always been loathe to do this, thinking that the ‘unblocked’ yarn/button bands might cause puckering once blocked….but do you find this is not so? Thanks!

  5. Liz says:

    Does your current twist pattern have the modifications you are currently making ie cabling on the back and sleeves?

    Love the way this sweater is turning out!!


  6. Anna says:

    I have your twist pattern and would LOVE the mods if you decide to make them available!!!

  7. Sonya says:

    Those cables just send me! Lovely stuff, perfect for what ails you. We have warmer weather here in Cali, but we also have Arnold and earthquakes, so I think we are evenly matched that way.

  8. Holly says:

    The only thing worse than being stuck inside in a Midwest-not-quite-spring is being stuck inside at that time with a three year old and an eight year old who are locked in a boredom-battle and determined to drive their momma stark raving nuckinfuts!!!

    Other than that… STUNNING cables!

    For a boredom buster… I like to get out the garden catalogs and, when I’m done ordering, cut them up and collage myself a yard.

  9. geane says:

    Well, Bonne Marie – there’s always “Hello” might kill 5 minutes checking out Liz and Arun. After that, tho, I’m pretty sure you’d be back to blocking. :)

  10. britt says:

    We play darts, draw pictures with my boys, read books, bundle up and walk around the woods, or invite others for games of cards to bust our winter blues.

  11. Frank says:

    Love, love, LOVE that cabling! I can’t wait to see how this ends up. Wonder if I couldn’t turn that into a boy sweater…

  12. LaurieM says:

    Best cure for cabin fever is to invite people over. We had a little party last Friday, playing some board games that make people get a little silly. It was fun. And it was a great reason to clean the house!

    The twists in twist make me think of crullers. yum.

  13. Maggi says:

    Hood!? What hood? I’m ready to seam my (uncabled, dagnabbit) sleeves to the body parts at tonight’s S&B. The body’s blocked and ready for picking up the bands. But I thought I was making a collar . . . I love mine in JS Silkroad Aran, but your plain yarn does show the cables more clearly ~

  14. amisha says:

    the twist looks like a sure cure for cabin fever! that yarn is so good for the cables… look at them pop! lovely. re: the girl scout cookies… at least you have a weather excuse :) it’s sunny and warm and springy here in florida and i’m eating them like they’re going out of style!!

  15. Carol says:

    Your twist is beautiful! I love your rug blocking method-it’s the best!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Woo hoo! Glad to see the Twist be on its way! My only cure for cabin fever these days is packing and throwing out JUNK. I think I’d rather sit down with a cuppa tea and my no-brainer blanket… maybe even some girl scout cookies!

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