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Friday, February 16, 2007


Just a little giddy from the cold over here in the Big Windy – it’s that biting kind of cold that turns your nose into an instantaneous faucet the moment you walk indoors.

My little friend is wearing Sock #2 of the Green Sock extravaganza. Green Sock has been living in my parka pocket all week and gets a little row here and there and there as I’ve been waiting in line, etc. I am just tempted to sit down and finish it once and for all but for now it’s just my pocket pet.

This concept reminded me of an “unscientific” poll on Best Celebrity Dog Owners which cast Oprah as the #1 Pooch Princess and, yikes, Britney Spears the worst (now taking over another important world shattering office from Paris Hilton). My unsolicited advice to all Trendsetters out there: put a sock in your pocket instead of a pup. You can even name it *Lucky*. No fuss, no muss, later something cool to wear on your very own dogs.

I salute all ye who have made it through this week of incredible weather! Our street still isn’t plowed out. I was shoveling snow and witnessed a van trying to get away from the curb. It slid and stopped just touching another parked car. The driver asked me if I knew who the owner was – didn’t. I thought it almost heartbreaking to be stuck like that – can’t push it without gouging both vehicles, odds of finding the owner of the other car by actually going door-to-door zilch because NOBODY answers their door in the Big City via bell ring if they are not expecting anyone. It struck me as a little pathetic that the street was full of cars who I could not connect with a human. One or two, tops.


Antidote to the Deep Freeze of 2007:
knitting knitting knitting
for the first time ever
alpaca makes sense to me…

The smiling ceramic face you see above is the one thing I would take to Antique Roadshow if I was ever able. It is a curious pottery item circa World War II – a “chia-pet like” vessel. It represents a popluar comic strip character the Army used (so I was told). Its head under the hat area is grooved to accept the seeds, and it has an opening in the top of the hat to fill the head with water so it can Grow Hair! Someday I’ll find the back story on this one…

6 responses to “Friday, February 16, 2007”

  1. Kim says:

    I love your use of a vintage chia-pet as a prop for your sock! Nice sock too. You must have big pockets for a a ball of sock yarn and sock in progress!

  2. Toby Wollin says:

    I hear ya, Bonne Marie! We got our own personal piece of the action on your last storm here in Binghamton, NY (I hear we made Fox News). My version of your car story is the continuous pain of standing in my driveway out here in the country, watching the plow go by and deposit six feet of snow back where I had just shoveled..only this stuff has salt and sand in it and is probably three times as heavy.
    Perhaps I should just think of this as my personal wellness program.

  3. Melanie says:

    That socks looks familiar! I loved the pictures on your blog so much I Ebayed some of the same color and have been carting my socks around in my bag. I just started gusset decreases last night on the second sock – the race is on!!!!

  4. Tracey says:

    Hey looks to smug for this weather. LOL

  5. amisha says:

    sending you some warm energy from florida…
    love the vintage chia-man, and your chicago stories.

  6. Carol says:

    An original chia! Pretty cool. The sock is fabulous!

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