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off-roading April 4, 2013

For many, many years, I drove a little white Jeep.

It was not only a great city car (parallel parking was a Breeze!) but it was great off-road as well. There was always the confidence that if I just HAD to drive across that field (or over that dry riverbed), No Problem! I knew the car could handle it and I just might have some fun trying something new.

I feel the same way about knitting.

Call it mod off-roading – making changes, No Problem!

My current project is ready to jump the path right about now…

Chic Knits Brynna

Here’s my curry-colored BRYNNA up on the mannie for a measuring session.

Although I’ve been measuring this periodically to make sure I’m on track with gauge and dimensions, the end of a pattern section is always a great time to make sure the garment is correct before going forward.

Probably 50% of the fit problems people write to me about are due to the fact a knitter did not Measure-As-You-Go.

BETTER to do a general well-being check every few inches and every section to avoid those nasty surprises.

This gives you CONFIDENCE that the end result is going to be what you desire.

This lovely is at that point where it’s almost 2/3’s of the way done and now what’s left is quite routine.

So, what about going off-road?!

I have extra yarn. How aboutmaking this Brynna longer and with 3/4 length sleeves?

First, we’ll need to pick up stitches along the bottom and make the hem…

knitting patterns

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