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One Small Step

4:30 am
They say the journey begins with one first step…

Or, in my, and every knitter’s case, a little bit of this:

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

Not sure why I leave packing to the last minute but, there I go…

8:30 am

da Bird

Only about an hour left to talk like a Chicagoan (re Grabowski)

No wifi @ Midway makes me cry like a little girl and post from my phone. Was already over-sensitve from driving in from out-in-the-woods and immediately being trapped in crushing traffic jam.

Can’t remember the proper Grabowski phrase to yell at multiple drivers who cut me off so use old stand-by international symbol of one-finger salute.

Monday Morning Mirth September 17, 2012

Monday Morning Mirth

A little nip in the evening air tells me Autumn 2012 is sneaking in…

That means it’s time to get out the hoodies, caps and scarves!

Looking at my notes of the season, I found these wonderfully Twee runway offerings from one of my favorites: Marc Jacobs! I even have a couple of over-sized plush hats (not quite as big as these) that will be heading north soon (will photograph once I finally unpack!).

Now, we all know that the Runway is sometimes the Funway, and designers tweak us (it’s twee in tweak after all…) but which one of these styles do you think translates to the Urban way (and will wrap me warm soon)…

Projects projects projects

I’m getting on a plane in a few days to go scout Portland.

What to take with? There’s a ton of projects all over the cabin in various stages of completion (or, heh, “rest” aka stalled?).

This one will probably be the best – just have to get winding the yarn…

This is a black sweater.

I like black sweaters. Am currently finishing the sleeves on a black cotton blend little number. ;p

But the wind is telling me it’s time to go for the Wool.

So here we have a bunch of skeins of Black Water Abbey worsted that have found a delightful new trajectory: UMA.

The UMA cardigan is something I’ve wanted to design for quite awhile. It is a very daily bread kind of garment; something you can have on hand to throw on to run to the mailbox (now across the road) or lounge around in the cabin (as it gets much cooler in the evenings).

Made with elbow length sleeves, it’s very go-to-the-office fashion friendly too. :)

Chic Knits UMA

I’m making this one with long sleeves (pattern includes directions for both).

But what’s really exciting about this is that this has top-down set-in sleeves — which I’ve fallen in love with. They seem to put the magic back into the project just when I traditionally hit a stall — and there’s no pesky sewing or having to fiddle with squooshing the cap into the hole. (How’s that for a scientific description?)!

Chic Knits Uma

Just gentle, balanced knitting.

And in this case, To-Go…

Any and all suggestions for exploring and enjoying Portland next week (through the 25th) give a shout?

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