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Monday Morning Mirth May 21, 2012

Monday Morning Mirth

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One of the main ingredients of deadline knitting at Chez Chic is TV.

Lots of TV.

I love reading knitter's tweets about what they're watching while they're stitching! And it seems like, the closer to a deadline, the friskier the video content...

Well, I am no exception.

However, instead of the usual Netflix roundup, I pursed my bind offs (yay - mission accomplished!) via live coverage of the NATO Summit protests in Chicago chased by an evening round with SHERLOCK season 2 episode 3...

It whipped my knitting into a frenzy!

But check out the casualty: apparently this might've been TOO exciting because the top needle is. Bent! And its mate on the opposite side has a dent about halfway up.

Talk about losing my grip on reality...

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