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New Threads Tuesday May 8, 2012

Clear skies finally blew into Chicago this morning and we’re ready to take a break from the big Studio Chic re-org.

Time to take some pictures…

Chic Knits Cinnie Hand Knitting Pattern

Our little turquoise CINNIE has been finished for a few days but we havent’ been able to get to it because of all the boxes in the way!

For all of you playing along: whoever told me I should keep most of my notebooks from college gets a kick in the pants! (Ooops. that would be me!)
Last night I went through a gazillion old binders full of negatives (yes! Black & White, etc) from ye olde college darkroom practice days. Stuff that seemed so wonderfully magically artistic, to my youthful eyes, in the cruel light of the now older future seem just rather, well, mundane.
Then, there were the journals from writing classes. Amazing how interesting things were in a tight co-centric way when I was a teen/young adult that now seem so, can I say, rather self-orbital and DRAMATIC.
Couple of really satisfying re-plays of boyfriend break-ups, though, that I’d completely forgotten! (Was in the habit of writing Letters I Never Sent…)

Well, here’s all the drama I need these days…

Chic Knits CINNIE

Pattern: Chic Knits Cinnie
Designer: Bonne Marie Burns
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold SILKY WOOL
Color: 09 Verdigris

This turned out just about how I wanted it – fits well – is lightweight and I think it will be just that added little layer that will make me a comfortable kitten at the summer TNNA show. Gone will be the days when an unwelcome blast of AC came through and shivered me timbers. ;p

I’m going to give it a test run this weekend when I go out to dinner with some friends – restaurants also have that characteristic –

One thing I might add: a piece of grosgrain ribbon along the hem area of the neckband (towards the waist).

Since the yarn used is so lightweight, I think a little stablization might make it ab fab rather than fly-away. Will just have to remember WHERE the heck I’ve re-org-ed my Notions…

Anybody need some separating zippers? I found a whole box full…

Chic Knits Hand Knitting Patterns

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