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TGIF March 2, 2012

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Hoping that olde saying in like a lion and out like a lamb means more than just the arrival of March!

Lots of changes here at Studio Chic!

We are getting ready for a big move – going to be relocating to the Pacific NW – hopefully in the region of Portland!

That means a whirlwind of behind the scenes activity over here (and, we’re wrapping up a foxy spring release!)

Busy, busy, busy!! (Please, make it stop!)

Our Lion? Packing up and redistributing everything that we just don’t have room for or have outgrown…

Because we beez who we beez, that includes lots of yarn & books that are finding their way to some new homes.

So let’s continue the FUN!

From Sally Melville & Caddy Melville Ledbetter (via Potter Craft) MOTHER-DAUGHTER KNITS (in hardback & paperback editions).

TGIF Review: One of the most wonderful back stories in knitting is the one about who taught you to knit.
For many of us, it was grandma or mom, who shared the wealth with their little one, who apprenticed along and was soon running side-by-side! (One of my pet theories is something I call DNA Memory – such that generational sharing takes root so easily because it’s already “in there”.)
But imagine being the daughter of a knitting superstar!
MOTHER-DAUGHTER KNITS is the type of collaboration that can happen when those generations decide to merge their love of knitting and design some fun fashion-forward garments together.
And because Ms. Sally M. is one of the finest teachers around, there is a section on understanding styles that flatter and how to adjust a pattern to fit YOU!

So, leave a comment below telling us your most difficult sweater fitting area…

Two folks (1 – book/ 1 – person per draw) will be randomly drawn next TGIF and invited to get busy!


From last weeks TGIF:

“I like lace edgings but I did make a shawl with a ruffle that I am quite fond of. And beads. Beads make me happy. winning one of these books would make me happy too.:
by random draw #1 – KNITTING ON THE EDGE (hardback copy)

“I have always wanted to add more beguilement to my edges. Leaves and ferny looking things are my faves. Edging swatches make great gift bookmarks.
by random draw #2 – KNITTING BEYOND THE EDGE (hardback copy)

“I made a poncho for my 7 year old neice (see it under Ravelry TSKTSK) and used picot cast on and added fringe per her request. For myself, love a knitted I-cord.”
by random draw #3 – KNITTING ON THE EDGE (softback copy)

“I just learned the picot edge for the sweetie pie hat. Look forward to learning more!”
by random draw #4 – KNITTING BEYOND THE EDGE (softback copy)

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