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TGIF March 9, 2012

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

WOOT! We have some winners from last week’s TGIF book draw


Better fit coming your way, ladies!

by random draw #1 – MOTHER-DAUGHTER KNITS (hardback copy)
“My toughest sweater problem is getting the sleeves the right length. I have having my wrists feel cold!.”

by random draw #2 – MOTHER-DAUGHTER KNITS (paperback copy)
“My most difficult area to fit is my ever growing boobs. When I gain weight, it appears to all go to my boobs and I am not used to it. I used to be really small and in my mind I still am much to my dismay once I try it on.”


stay tuned for more fun – we’re finding more goodies-to-go this weekend and will update next TGIF

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Spring is Coming March 6, 2012

Along with the freshly budded trees outside my window, is the freshly wound yarn for a spring project. Here it lingers in the soft morning light –

Besides winding yarn, I’ve been winding up a new design and surprisingly (or not?) it’s sequed into another version, in another yarn, with a slightly different look…

[In fact, I have yet another yarn for a version three but alas! Two-handedness is my flaw.]

Not only can I not knit fast enough lately, I can’t wind fast enough!

And, it’s a funny thing – yarn in skeins.

I have to get into the mood to wind. [Does this] happen to you?

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a “station” that can be visited 24/7 and have to build it anew each session.

But, really, I think it’s just because I’m so ready to get to the knitting, it’s a diversion that I’d rather skip!

It’s kind of an “eat your vegetables” kind of thing too – even though it’s better for the yarn to be wound not too far in advance of use (if not commercially wound), it still seems like D.U.T.Y.

Right now I’m more like the Kid in the Candy Store and just want to stuff my face!


Monday Morning Mirth March 5, 2012

Monday Morning Mirth

The Tribe 2012 Style

I’ve been especially enjoying all the global fashion week runway shows lately. There’s always verve, nerve and, but of course, drama.

In Paris, ex-pat Californian Rick Owens presented a show rich with noble, simple lines; organic exotic finishes.

Crowning overall? Knit beanies, with mesh face-plates, characterizing his creations as “…”a coquettish and beautiful” version of a veiled Marlene Dietrich in Hollywood.”

But is it?

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