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New Threads Tuesday January 31, 2012

Nothing like tying up some loose ends…

Heh. Or in this case, finishing a Re-DO!

Chic Knits Mondo Cable CardiA few weeks (months?) ago, a Mondo Cable Cardi I made in Fall 2009 went back on the needles for some serious mods: what about changing the cap sleeves to long sleeves to refresh the whole look of it? Yes.

I’m getting ready to move and have been sifting through everything – fearlessly culling the used from the unused and sending the latter on its way.

But this was something that just seemed like it needed a second chance!

It was perfectly OK the way it was, but it just wasn’t getting enough play in the wardrobe.

The new rule is: if you don’t wear it there isn’t room for it. I’ve been merrily giving even unexpected garments their walking papers and I have to say – it is very liberating! ;p

But this little number had some great things going for it: it fit well and I loved the fabric (lightweight but cozy).

SO it earned a turn back on the needles when, while doing all that culling, I found some leftover yarn…

Chic Knits Mondo Cable CardiSince the sleeves were knit downward from the armhole, it was a quick frog of the ribbed edging on the cap sleeves and then a replacemet of the live stitches on the needles.

Something that always happens: the live stitches, being blocked, were flat and a little twisted. But I knew that at the end of the modding, I was going to give this a nice warm bath in some gentle, lavendar-herbal shampoo.

(It would, as they say, all come out in the wash – the stitches would puff up and match the rest of the sleeve.)

As I was working on the sleeves, I tried the sweater on several times. Each time I found myself folding the neck edging inward – to see if it worked better for this as a narrower band.

The MCCardi comes with instructions for a 1 (2, 4)” Collar so it would be a no-math exercise to replace & re-knit the neckline. I also wanted to try out some after-thought “buttonholes” with some smaller, lighter buttons.


Chic Knits Mondo Cable Cardi

With a little bit of tinking and evening knitting, it’s like having a whole new sweater!

I thinkt it deserved a little “portrait” with my knitting library…

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