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January 25, 2012

…Today we have: a bookie wookie Blog Tour-ie!…

If you, like many in the knitting world, have a fine appreciation of all things *positively, smashingly UK* (Downton mania, anyone?), you might have tried a British knit or two…

I’ve been stitching anglophile-ish for ages now and it was on a blustery Friday evening in March 2006 that I met one of the best: Jean Moss, a designer renowned for working for fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashley, Benetton, and in the hand-knitting realm, Rowan, etc…

She shared her design timeline with us in a most lively slideshow at the Windy City Knitting Guild that lifted me and made me want to not only run home and cast on, but draw and explore and immerse myself deep into the weft.

And it’s in her new book, Sweet Shawlettes, that you can see that she is still in love with the sticks; still giving page to styles that are joyful and spontaneous, just like she…

Here you’ll find:

the Traditional:

the Whimsical:

And my favorite, Glorious Plaid:

Within the book are 25 patterns, presented in a most appealing page layout: clear, legible, with lovely graphics and photography throughout.

All in all, an enjoyable tickle of a collection that combines wit with sophistication in a lovely “wrap” of a book…

Cheers, Jean!

to spread the cheer and get a copy of this fine book, leave a comment about what you like about small projects below by 8am CST on January 31, 2012, and we’ll draw random and announce post deadline

And, btw, F. Habit/he of the Panopticon is next on the tour — tell him I said HELLO!!!

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