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A winter we will go January 18, 2012

It is with almost palpable relief that I embrace the cold temperatures we are finally having…

Curiously, without them, January just feels wrong.

So I welcome the chill and celebrate with a new chapeau!

Chic Knits Elisbeth Collection

This is my personal Elisbeth Cap that I’ve been knitting in the evenings.
Am still having a love affair with black yarn, even though it’s finicky
and hard to photograph.
Pourquoi? Because, imho, it rocks a cable like almost nothing else…

Chic Knits Elisbeth Collection

This is going very fast, although I had a panic attack last night, thinking I was going to run out of yarn before this got to its slouchy finish.

I ended up un-doing the ball of yarn, measuring it via a very loose *arm’s length to sternum* way (about 39″) and think I just might squeeze it out…


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