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the Homely Home Part 2: more news December 7, 2012

Putting together my new knitting “micro environment” has been a real blast!

What are the bottom-line essentials in this stitching habitat?

Good lighting ( picture window / or elbow-armed floor lamp)

Amusing media ( netflix or itunes or gasp, antenna TV)

Coffee, tea or snacks! ( kitchen pantry just steps away!)

But missing? Really comfy seating~!

Now my olde leather couch is a pretty and stable work-horse. But it was just so rigid! In its previous house, it was used more like a soft chaise – with feet almost up and body perpendicular to the cushions.

Here it is straight on to the rest of the room and while knitting, I felt somehow like I was back in Sunday School, trying to stop sliding around on that miserable wooden pew. (Ever wonder why they call ’em “pew”? More like PU – get me outta here!)

Any way all that’s changed now. (Phew.)

If it’s possible to have a crush on a piece of furniture, GUILTY!

From the textured cheetah upholstery to the little Louis the whatever turned wooden legs, I’m in love!

And my legs, feet and back are saying “thanks, I needed that…”

(gratuitous holiday WIP added for actual knitting content.)

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Monday Morning Mirth December 3, 2012

Monday Morning Mirth

I am longing to make this into an intarsia pattern…

the Homely Home Part 1: that’s more like it… November 30, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things (I’ve been missing lateley)…

An old distressed leather couch

Knitting (especially my WIP black sweater)…

Favorite coffee cup

Funny how the things we use everyday are probably also the things we most take for granted.

Whoa. Turn them on their ear and make them disappear and see how your little heart longs! I’ve been in Portland for almost a month now. It’s been a tiny adventure, a lot of it played out only within these 4 walls (we won’t even mention the days after the furnace died. RIP).

A longed for household reunion detoured into a slow and a little bumpy ride.

Most of Chez Chic has been in storage (while I lived in the Moonrise kingdom for a few weeks) and it was packed up by some local “talent” and podded out (love these guys!) on a truck (2,133 miles) that got here a few days after I did. In the meantime, I was still living out of a suitcase but now sleeping on the floor.

It was thrilling, in the same way things feel right after one gets that first apartment after cutting the apron strings of Maw et Paw.

But then the fun started! There was painting! Much cleaning! And finally, unpacking!

And that was rather anti-climatic OR a screaming mimi depending on how you look at it. When the storage company packed the pod, they “forgot” to use any tie downs and the stuff avalanched cross-country! And after we dug out from under all those boxes (miraculously the only thing broken was one coffee cup) and the kindly unpackers got to the end of the space something really BIG wasn’t on board: my couch! YIKES! they forgot that too. Since I got rid of all my bedroom furniture, the place was pretty darn bereft of knitting perches!

Flash forward two more weeks and VOILA!

Lots more homey – the couch, the knitting, the coffee and even some wee sunshine coming through the windows makes it so so welcome.

Still lots of stuff unpacked (mostly books and yarn, hee)…but now there is a nice cozy knitting corner going on. My UMA sweater is moving right along (and I’ve got a couple more upcoming designs percolating nicely). One more sleeve to go and I have a new sweater for my new city.

It’s good to be Home.

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