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November 11, 2011

Sometimes, the better part of valor, especially at the end of a busy week, is to just go sit down with a good book, in a warm room and let nature take its course.



I like to get cozy with a cuppa tea and get inspired.

And what is one of the most often grabbed story-books off my shelf? Pattern Dicitonaries!

In them, you find historical paths to glory, signposts to possible future greatness, lovely catalysts just waiting for someone to flesh out into a tangible object.

These combinations of the building blocks of stitchery never cease to amaze and amuse me.

Here’s a collection that landed on my doorstep from the Wiley folks.

Wiley has put out, over the last few years, something they call the “Teach Yourself VISUALLY” series, and this, a stitch encyclopedia with 350 entries is their latest round-up.

What’s the story morning glory?

Well, being the ultimate fan of stitch tomes, I must say that this one has something that not all of them possess: the book includes both charts and written directions, to as they say, “fully descibe each stitch”.

I am a very big fan of charts — in fact, I love knitting with Japanese patterns that come in one size via a chart — as I find they convey information graphically so beautifully.

Think of the this: a picture is worth a thousand words. A chart, once your eyes become accustomed to their framework, delivers the goods like nothing else.

But to really inform all parts of our brain and the way it takes in knowledge, complete written instructions are a wonderful partner to Sir Chart and I love having that option.

Here you have both! It’s a great way for a chart lover to learn the flow of a pattern AND a great way for a write lover to acclimate to the magic of the more graphical anatomy.

For those of us who have basically been to the craft cyber-style born, then cradled and honed by the internet wiki, it’s a must…

I love stitch patterns however they come and this is a great addition to YOUR library.

Leave a comment below about your preference for chart vs written and we’ll random draw next TGIF for a copy of this cool book: Knitting Stitches: Visual Encyclopedia by Sharon Turner…

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