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Headway Headwinds November 3, 2011

Chic Knits Velynda

So right about now, even though the windows are rattling from some really strong autumn winds, we’re more excited by this: Sleeve Progress!

The beautifully organic Velynda is growing day-by-day into a real looker.

When I was first thinking about this design, it was because my wardrobe didn’t have a basic, essential cabled cardigan. There’s some really rather ornate Aran knits in my closet, but not really any that were just plainly simple. Cabled.

But this new outing had to be free of something that many people struggle with: patterning and thick texture over one’s chest, which seems universally to be a U R Wrong. Looks bad, and is probably too warm for the way most people use their cardigans.

I know, in my alter-ego as a photog, I wear mine outdoors alot, under a down vest, but indoors? No.

It should be more in line with a true layering piece, not something that could only be comfortable at zero degrees.

So my solution was to merge low-bulk cables with two other elements: a mini-texture column seperated from the cables by ribbing.

Chic Knits Velynda
And this accomplishes what I was looking for! :)

A feminine, curvy profile that doesn’t strangle the wearer; a follow-the-body kind of silhouette that is pretty darn flattering, IMHO. :)

Meanwhile, back at the NaBloPoMo Ranch: Day 3

…One of the first things that became wildfire in the Blogoverse was something called a MEME. So in honor of NaBloPoMo and all that’s come before, here’s a lil bit of “100 things about Me” a meme that popped up all over the place (click on small pix for large):


Chic Knits Knitting PatternsHere’s the first incarnation of the Chic Knits’ blog logo. YIKES! Then I found out that She Knits, the original name I picked, was actually Susan H. Esser, from N.C. so I re-named the site CHIC KNITS (\ˈshēk\ knits).

Chic Knits Knitting BlogEverything just kind of lonely orbited in the cloud until one day, people started leaving comments in the guestbook (no comment feature back then!)

Someone emailed me that my logo, of an apron-wearing throwback was UR Doin it Wrong so logo #2 was born! This was actually my haircut at the time.

Knitting Blog Chic KnitsThen it really started to get Fun and I started to dress the logo to match the season… ;p

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