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Monday Morning Mirth October 24, 2011

Monday Morning Mirth

One must remember:
“…a good servant retains a sense of pride and prejudice at all times!”

I’ve just returned from a couple weeks post-op withme moms and realized I’d spent a lot of time in the comforting arms of MasterpieceT and classic movies. We watched all the versions of The Great Gatsby we could get our hands on (Jay Gatsby/Alan Ladd, thumbs up; Jay Gatsby/Robert Redford, thumbs down; Jay Gatsby/Leonardo WOW!).

It was a parade of vintage movies interspersed with episodes of All Creatures Great and Small, all-in-all a most entertaining mix of scenarios from the barn to the ballroom! Truly a great knitting gambit (got tons done), except I would be jarred to reality everytime Daisy/MFarrow squeaked on the screen! (Yikes – what a cast, what a bomb!)

But I longed for something that isn’t going to crest on the US scene until this winter: the premiere of Season 2, Downton Abbey. (OK, non-Downtown Fans you can leave the dinner table…)

Skinking around the internet looking for previews, I found this little gem.

And then I found this:

And I found something rather silly in the middle of it that made me hoot!

So this inspired even more silliness…

Find the *special* character in the video above and put the time it appears in the comments below to enter a draw for a new book with knitted toys:

Knitivity: Create Your Own Christmas Scene

…WHO can resist a knitted little DONKEY!? or lambie or angels or ox? Includes directions for 3 wise men and a cut-out creche and more!

And who knows, with a little tweaking, one could fashion themselves a happy little dollie of the Edwardian type instead — instructions included for a basic little doll that can be dressed any way at all. ;p

Winner announced on 11/01/11…

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