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Monday Morning Mirth August 15, 2011

Monday Morning Mirth

Whoa! If it seems like I’ve dropped off the planet – well, it’s more like I’ve been dropped into coding!

The last week or so I’ve been giving the website an overhaul (not quite done) and I couldn’t be having more fun, even though it’s taken a lot of time and a couple of visits to the School of Hard Knocks to get going…

If you’d like to Help a Geek Grrl out, try out this series of pictures from the new catalog pages. Swipe the row to see if something interesting happens (and tell me what you see)…

Bonus points for finding some new ideas! ;p

We’ve tested this in a couple of browsers but would love your input — pictures take a moment or so to load…

Chic Knits Aleita   Chic Knits Aleita   Chic Knits Aleita   Chic Knits Aleita   Chic Knits Aleita

One down, one to go August 9, 2011

Very nearly when I was ready to throw in the towel, (or the needles as it were), I was hit by the Muse. About an inch from the bind-off, after doing a few too many rows of mind-numbing 1×1 ribbing, it dawned on me.

I love this sleeve (click for bigger pic).

And, as you know, for most of us, sleeve knitting is a definitive love-hate relationship (sleeves being voted #2 in “popularity” in our unscientific “poll”).

So that love wasn’t really a surprise.

What was astonishing was that I was more than ready, even speeding, to do the second one. Que?

Second-sleeve syndrome, akin to the well-know, well-practiced second-sock syndrome flourishes all over Studio Chic. One shallow dig through the WIP basket and the count mounts. (Whatever happened to my WIP VONICA? Now you know…)

But this, this new way to knit the sleeve, has me in its grip.

Too bad I didn’t take better notes, though. For one who is usually meticulously recording every burp in the process, finding lots of hasty scribbles in the margin of my draft took me by surprise last night when I went to pick up for S#2. Hmm! Haven’t seen the Little Bad Muse in quite awhile but that certainly was her handwriting and not mine…

Oh the well, that just leads to a common design process you see all over the place: reverse engineering (which I usually rant about). Rather ironic I’m going to have to do it to my own piece!!

Or not. We’ve been slightly derailed from the personal projects because it is becoming one of the most favorite times of the year over here! Lots of tweaking of the website has been going on (if things l@@k weird, hit REFRESH or f5 for a reload) including this ole blog.

Please stay tuned for some very interesting developments!

Monday Morning Mirth August 1, 2011

Monday Morning Mirth

…as seen at this weekend’s Zara Phillips royal wedding

Well, finally, we have the final word (as published yesterday in the Washington Post):


Over the years I have noticed people knitting in public and have had no particular problem with it. However, I am a bit put off by those who knit in church or at an event such as a recital or concert.

Is it acceptable to knit at a church, synagogue or other religious service? And what about a concert or recital? I recently attended a piano and violin recital in a small venue where someone was knitting in the third row. Surely it was evident to the performers. And if such knitting is not appropriate, how should the knitters be approached, or prevented?

GENTLE READER: Please do not — repeat, not — make a hostile approach to knitters. Have you not noticed that they are armed with long, pointy sticks?

Of all the multitaskers who could annoy you, Miss Manners would not have guessed that knitters would top the list. There is a centuries-long history of ladies quietly doing needlework while remaining alert to what was going on around them.

But perhaps your complaint is that they are not quiet. If the clicking of needles is what bothers you, you could appeal to the authorities at church or concert hall that as they ban texting, it is only fair to ban activities that create similar noise. And if they don’t already ban texting, you might start by asking that they do before going after those comparatively unobtrusive knitters.

Visit Miss Manners at her Web site,, where you can send her your questions.

2011, by Judith Martin

btw, be sure and refresh your browser on Chic Knits pages (or hit f5 function key to reload). We’ve been a tinkering and some stuff might look funny unless you do. ;p

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