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Button Up March 8, 2011

This weekend I did something that I normally avoid like the plague. It is something that, here in Chicago, in my rather rough’n’ready neighborhood, might get you either loudly called out (leave ubiquitous name used in comments below if you know) or mumbled at over and over (leave same name in comments below). But of course, being a high culture maven, I keep my low culture thoughts to myself (but there in there!)

So, what is one of the ultimate cardinal sins of Big City Life?

Line Jumping.

This is where you are in line at a store, in cattle que with, hmm, over 75 people (maybe a hundred!?) and you Keep Shopping, leaving your goods in the line to hold your place.

Realistically, for those brave enough to do this, one can only go so far away from the line, without finding one’s cart, basket or pile kicked to the margins. But sometimes, just sometimes, the People just understand.

Sunday was one of those days.

I went driving around after I went to the main Post Office (I go to the Post Office once a week to not have to be overwhelmed by lines) to try and find a place to get a big sheet of foam core board. I was obsessed with this but the fever hit enroute and I’d left my phone at home and people, in this day and age, when you can’t Look It Up while on the way makes it an immediate modern tragedy. I, like millions of others, am a slave to my smart phone.

My fever is smarter than any phone, though, and its little built in GPS moved that car right over to the nearest Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Now this isn’t any reg JFab; it’s a super store! It has a huge framing department and my fever figured if they didn’t have some foam board who in God’s green acre would?

I was not to be disappointed – not only did I get what I came for, I ended up with a pile of buttons, three dress patterns (we used to make all our own clothes and am going to have some fun), and a couple of magazines.

But because this was just a run-in purchase, I hadn’t bothered with a cart and just carried the whole hot mess to the register when it hit me.

The Line. Snaking all the way to the back of the store (now remember, this is a Super Store!), it wiggled its wallet and it made me smile. Crafters! Everywhere! Coming out of the woodwork, because, drumroll please, it was Super Coupon day!~

And this made all the difference in the world to the Line.

Because I was a newb and didn’t have any coupons, the Lady in Back of Me told me where to go find them and the first Line Jump occurred! Even the man in front of me sort of approved by not having a vicious look on his face when I gave him a slight nod on the leaving.

Then, after the Line moved a little forward, I was about 10 feet away from a really cool display of some spring dresses on mannequins.

And it was here where I pushed the envelope – I dashed out for Jump #2 and grabbed a Dress Pattern (Butterwick BP244) to even out my pile.

I ran back to the Line, with a couple of liners even beaming at me in approval. THIS never happens in Chicago. On a Sunday. In a store.

And I was glad…

…now all I have to do is figure out which buttons I want to use on my new turquoise cardi…

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