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The Real Mad Hatter March 1, 2011

Just a little trip to the porch and it’s quite apparent that things have not changed very much. Even though we now know the identity of the Genius who tweeted @MayorEmanuel, even though it’s time to start looking for the crocus trying to pretend otherwise, it’s still winter in these parts (right now Partly Cloudy & 25°).

What this means over here at Chez Chic is a mad dash to combat Cabin Fever! A mad dash to start clearing the deck for better weather – which translates to organizing all the bits, pieces, piles and mounds that fill the place.

On of the first things to be sorted and filed is not the taxes; they’ve already been launched into the wild (what a feeling!!) and those piles of paper are not in sight but indexed.

But there’s plenty oh other knitterly type things taking up space because this winter I became

No. Not that Mad Hatter, although his love of the topper is just delightful to see!

No. I became a crazy knitting machine! Besides hoods, and a couple of quick scarves, I made a whole pile of hats and cowls…

These are all from the He Said She Said series – I just couldn’t stop cranking them out…

And now that I’m clearing space on the furniture to actually sit on (company coming always builds a spark under the chic broom), these ended up in a pretty little portrait before they get put away properly…

from left to right:
Cascade Eco Color# 9452 Summer Sky Heather
Rowan Cocoon Color# 811 Lavender Ice
Berocco Blackstone Tweed DK (doubled) Color# Steamers 2602
Gjestal Naturgarn no. 1 Color# 240 Red
Manos de Uruguay Color#300 Powder Blue
Cascade Eco Color# 9459 Olive

and matching cowls…

The joy of all this is that even though most of the pile is samples, the Manos is mine all mine ;p

Because everybody in the Northern Hemisphere knows that even though the days might be growing longer (and hopefully warmer) one of the very best things to make it through a transisiton is a HAT and COWL/SCARF. These two things have almost year-round momentum in these parts (wave CANADA!!) and even the Beautiful People like Mr. Depp who wander the incredible streets of L.A. can be seen sporting a slouch or two, 365:24/7.

Vive le Tuque!

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