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Monday Morning Mirth February 28, 2011

Monday Morning Mirth

Here’s my annual Eeenie, Meanie, Minie, NO picks from Oscar Night 2011!

First of all, IF you made it all the way through what could’ve been one of the most tepid TV broadcasts ever, I salute you!

Lucky for me, I frittered away my time knititng and wondering which gown I would or wouldn’t wear. So from left to right:

Johansson: a very gorgeous color in a very gorgeous style with subtleties that amuse and enhance the Feminista!

Kidman: brave to wear Dior/Galliano but whoops! I saw her being interviewed on the RCarpt and the gowns bumpers made her hubbie stand about a foot a way from her (you can see him Trying to the left)…

Witherspoon: THIS. On moi. Armani. (She was wearing perfect emerald earrings!)

Blanchett: the heavy beaded upper breast-plate thingie that made it look like draperies/valence. Li-lack.

But back to the show – was it just me or did the attempt by the producers/writers to bridge the Gen Gap fall so flat it ended up being just an ironic glimpse into the actual State of the Communication Union ala 2011?

And Franco, dude, next time (?), show up for rehearsals and drink some Red Bull, eh?

I’d rather Justin Timberlake hosted. OR Sandra Bullock. Or RBrand?

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