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Wednesday January 12, 2011

One of the amazing things in knitting is that it is totally made of basically two things: either a Knit Stitch or a Purl Stitch.

With these two building blocks, a whole universe of patterns and textures can evolve. It’s a lot like digital, where everything is one or zero, on or off, and with an ordered combination of those states, I’m able to write these words using nothing but tap, tap, tap.

Well, knitting is a little more complicated than taps, but not much!

With only two skinny batons, one can be the maestro of some extraordinary compositions!

We have been tripping that music fantastic here at Studio Chic Knits since right about Thanksgiving! All in all we knit a ton of hats and cowls for the holidays and samples for our newest favorite hat set: He Said She Said.

And, since it was so hard to knit all those caps without being able to wear one, we decided to have a Wrap Party when we launched this set and make one for ourselves! In the stash was some luscious Manos del Uruguay in a sky blue

And, we’re happy to say, Mother Nature has blessed us with another 8″ or so of snow, so this cowl & cap set will be right toasty right about now…

This hat set was one of our favorite wardrobe staples from last winter, and got the thumbs up out in the wild from lots of admirers! It’s a little something that uses those knits and purls in a simple but graphical way and has a warm, snug band to keep out the wind.

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