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Vestival December 2, 2010

One of the most fun inventions that’s ever hit the planet is, imho, Twitter! It is the bastion of tidbits; the catalog of quick flash; and for a newsie like me, the ulitmate in headline news.

I love roaming around the place, following regulars and the At Large – current member with most followers, at this moment: Paul Pierce of the Celtics. (I’m Chic_Knits over there; if you leave your user name in the comments below, we can >>followyoufollowme<<.) It's a most intriguing way to travel the cultural timeline. It's sampling at its finest, where you can converse or just narrate your own nutshelled experiences. Whether you're expounding on current events or just ranting about burnt toast, it gives the most incredible glimpses behind the scene of your very own footprint on this orb. It's the most incredible Index of Civilization (or lack thereof) that's ever landed in my very own backyard. Tripping around the place the other day, I found a tweet by GuidoS, a cool podcaster (It’s a Purl, Man) from Boston. Now I’d met Guido at Rhinebeck, for like, two seconds last year (the festival is like that), but it’s following his posts that’s given a little more dimension to being an online friend.

The other day, he mentioned this: Sweater Vestival – where everyone is invited to wear a sweater vest on the second Friday after Thanksgiving (hee, tomorrow)!

Indeed, this is one of those cultural phenoms of the New Century – a totally made-up holiday in the spirit of something like, erm, the Corduroy Appreciation Club which “hails the wale.” (YES! I love corduroy too!)

This one is a no-brainer for me though – I love vests! And apparently, so do many others. From groups on Ravelry like Got Vests (YAY! No Sleeves!) to the CNN dandyman anchor who was once forbidden to wear one on the air while broadcasting, they are everywhere and EveryMan. He declares: “A Vest is Like an All-Day Hug” and I would have to agree…

Making it So Very Huggable:
– Takes smaller amounts of yarn
– Don’t have to get stranded on sleeve island when your cardigan mojo flops
– Works as wonderful layering in cold weather (it’s about 10 degrees wind chill here in Chicago today)
– But most importantly: looks DAPPER on a man and CLASSY on a la femme.

So from the Chic Knits Archives here’s a little slideshow of my collection, just some vestuary love…

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