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Huggies November 3, 2010

Please note: The Huggies Rule is now in effect!

For the uninitiated, from now (approximately Halloween) to Easter,
all clothing will be worn with Long Johns or Tights!

Resist at your own peril in the Midwest! (etc).

Indeed, with temperatures in the 30’s in the early morning, it only goes to show there will be Chillies later on in the day. Somebody said the word s.n.o.w. yesterday, but I’ll credit that to the slightly insane weather conditions that loom over in the Indiana shores which they call Lake Effect. It’s kind of our version of the Bermuda Triangle: an area where there is a narrow strip of extreme weather that follows the curve of the southern part of Lake Michigan. I was once in a white out snowstorm there that was about 3 blocks wide — and sunny everywhere else…

Needless to say, the Wearing of the Hat Indoors continues. But I’ve upgraded my Look:


This is a brimless Keelin Cap that I threw together this weekend (instructions are included in the patt) — I am totally in thrall to the Bavarian Twist stitch pattern on this. It’s low bulk but high fashion! And, since I’m someone who is not adverse to ye olde mirror in the bathroom portraits, any help is g.o.o.d. It has a slightly slouchy profile, which you can see much better in this picture:


Although I love the look of a full-on slouch cap, I also like one that is slighty slouchy. Que? My theory: that gently little pouf gathers the warm air escaping from your noggin and holds it in a huggy layer on your head where you need it most.

The gauge of the yarn is also in command of a slouch — the slouchier the hat, the finer the gauge of the yarn for an optimal drape. One wants a cap, not a crown, which bulkier yarn will make.

I just noticed how long this hat makes my hair look too! Something about the season’s change is making it grow like mad!

To the Polls! November 2, 2010


you know you wanna…

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Monday Morning Mirth November 1, 2010

  Monday Morning Mirth  

la-bonne-2One of the most incredible things that’s been showered on us mere mortals by the Internet Etherettes is Google Maps.

Now those lovely pages are incredible for finding directions, looking up cool neighborhoods to move to (moi? Portland?), or just site seeing.

That’s right: Sight Seeing…

I’ve been strolling the streets of Paris using the maps and dragging the little golden man off the Zoom Ruler to walk around the neighborhoods looking for something close to my heard that I lost

I haven’t found it yet, but I did find this on the highest street in Paris:


This is a restaurant at 2 rue des Saules et 18 rue Saint Rustique in Montmarte around the Sacre Coure Basilica.

It popped up while I was exploring and thought it was so charming — so much more interesting to be sitting in a cafe surrounded by cinnamon-y geraniums wiling away the hours instead of running the like a hamster in a wheel.

Next up? Trying to find some really cool Regency houses down by the Thames in London…

Where’s your favorite most beautiful spots to visit? I want to take a walking tour…

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