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Storm Chaser / Playa October 27, 2010

This is a curiously silly time of the year in upper North America. The weather gnomes are outside in force stirring up the winds, playing soccer with hail the size of golf balls and pelting us with rain. My house is a chilly little pile of rooms.

And even though a fine little switch lives on the wall, I’m not touching it! Like many others (and twitter is the farcical motherlode of comments on this topic), nobody wants to turn on the heat One Second before it’s necessary.

It’s a game we play every year, and even as I type this, I’m wearing a big fuzzy robe with this

tuque on my head.

At the risk of looking a little like crazy uncle ernie, I, like many around the country are Wearing Their Hats Inside.

The little chapaeu you see above is not my favorite or even my prettiest. It is what I grabbed when I was putting on my black rain parka when the hallway window was being battered by tree branches and I was on my way to ye olde day job one morning past. It’s barely left my head since.

It’s the headwear version of tighty whities: won’t blow off, keeps it warm and under control. I ask you: WHO needs their hair stuck in their lipgloss?

I made this hat a few years ago as what I call a pocket stuffer — it’s small enough to fit in the parka pocket and travel, just your basic watch cap that multitudes of working class folks have been using for centuries.

You can wear it cuffed (hello, sailor) or flat out as a semi-slouch (hello, rockstar).

It’s been with me the last few days of really windy (45-60 mph winds) times in Chicago; went with me yesterday to shoot the aftermath of the tornado in Peotone where the door of my car was almost ripped off when I opened it, but my cap remained solid on my head.

But is it fashion?

Why shouldn’t one look good in the blowback of a tornado?

Eddie Bauer Black Rain Parka: check. Doc Martens Greasys: check. Anne et Valentin Titanium Glasses: check. Hand-knit Socks: check.

Black watchcap:


Just walking (actually kind of shuffling since I was accidently tackled during a photoshoot at a football game last Friday and have a big bl&bu softball-sized goober on my left shin) through the building back to where my car was parked I saw that I was not alone in my head gear. This is a shot of a window in the Zara store in the mall. I love the red vest.


Here’s another ubiquitous look – the brimmed watchcap, this one with a $$$ pricetag, but that you can get for $ at the Dolla Store down the street. Everybody in my neighborhood wears this, in black of course, forward, backwards or sideways, infant to adult, it’s now a fashion icon of Chicago windanistas.

But I digress…

What’s missing in my look? A bag for the season, a bag to replace my rattitious, taupe pleather suitcase of a bag that’s really seen better days.

And lucky moi, Macy’s, the last building I pass on my way to my car, was having a big hand bag sale!

Cheers, Tignanello!

Smaller, shiny, and so very now…

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