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Fare is Fair October 20, 2010

Although it was a beautiful weekend past in Chicago, there was a little tugging on my compass. Something was happening on the East Coast that was setting off all sorts of fiber flares of omg.

So I went diving locally instead, to quench the fire, the envy, the I’manottagonnabethere, sigh…

The reward was great. Greater than I could imagine – and quite poignant in a way only a pack rat can be poignant!

Now, the other thing that was achieved this weekend was that I set up a wireless router for my house. This was accomplished with lots of hits and misses, stops and starts, travels to the deck to breath deeply and settle down. The Geekitude lives here, but sometimes isn’t on call, in quite the way it’s needed.

At the end of the day, I could watch Netflix anywhere at all in this olde house. OOf. Girl with the Dragon Tatoo? Seen it. Knit along to The Wire? Done. Break all the drama up with Russell Brand in NYC? Ok.

But there was one little TV show I’d never paid attention to – and it almost did me in: Hoarders! I’ll spare you the details, but it inspired me more than ever to keep going with my local network clean-up so to speak. I’ve been doing the old “throw/give something away everyday” for awhile now and it’s starting to show results.

Everywhere but my Studio, where for some reason (snort) I can’t seem to winnow anything out at all.

A Stash Is a Stash is a Stash.

Regal. Awesome. Ridiculous.

But it was what gave me terrific peace of mind when I went to quench the envy fires this weekend. *Someone* needed to be reminded of the bounty on hand and cool their jets.

I had to get out the step stool but on the top level of the wall unit, there appeared an innocent little box:




Who the heck is this and what was I doing when I bought it?


Ooh la la! This is a sweater kit – something I got long ago at another fiber fest nearer home and it’s been patiently waiting its turn for the runway long enough…


Care to guess what this is? Leave a comment and we’ll random draw the correct answers on Monday, October 25th, to win a skein of Schaefer Yarns ANNE in the Chai Spice color. Win, win, winnow winnow :)

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