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BCVN August 17, 2010

Getting ready for my annual trip to Northern Michigan means one thing: New Sweater!

For many seasons, it’s been a loose Chez Chic tradition to always be sporting something fresh and unique to my wardrobe when I travel! This summer, at the TNNA Show, I had this to keep me company…

But, this time around, I’m going up a ways, where even though it’s still warm (ne, hot) during the daylight hours, it can get rather cool, rather quickly, in the evenings (and mornings), and something with lightweight, long sleeves is welcome.

After the samples were done for the show, I started in on a Basic Chic V-Neck Cardi for myself. This is one of those designs born from desire: I wanna wear it; I gotta have it.

Chic Knits Basic Chic V-Neck Cardi

This one is in a cotton blend — something called TUSCON (from the Plymouth Co.) — and it is just the right transitional weight to wrap up the summer and wrap me comfortably in the Northern Mich air.

I am actually almost finished with the second sleeve, so all that’s left is a little minor finishing, but I thought it would be interesting to show how the piece looks WITH or WITHOUT sleeves.

This always triggers a goofy recollection for me! When I’ve traveled to Paris, in a restaurant,
when you order water
I would like water.
Je voudrais l’eau.
zhuh voo-dray l-oh

which BTW, is not free, but bottled, the waiter (never a waitress) always asks Gasse / non-Gasse? Which, to my surprise, once my giggling fit was over, was understood to mean with or without carbonation. Oh. Eau. We won’t even speculate why the concept of *gas* is just too tickly for moi, but tell the truth, it might be for you too! ;p


Along with the cotton-blend BCVN, there’s another glorious sweater in the house that I’ve edited the sleeves off of, just for grins! I like the idea of many variations on this style — it is easy to do, because of the in-the-round nature of the design.

Chic Knits Basic Chic V-Neck Cardi
Isn’t this the most luscious color? It is Dream in Color CLASSY in Vino Veritas.

So I’m envisioning, cap, short, then long sleeves, better go look for some more yarn in the stash…

Monday Morning Mirth August 16, 2010

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Bonne Marie Burns

Never before could one say beauty is in the eye of the beholder with more certainty than THIS summer when the annual public art project landed in a downtown square on State St.

It is titled: EYE.

Aye, that’s about it. But wait. There is more. Accompanying the orb along the main downtown high street there are “156 street banners revealing a bold red cardinal – the state bird – in flight against a bright blue sky, unfolding like a “flip book” on State Street lamp posts north from Congress Parkway to Wacker Drive. KIDS (don’t try this at home): I attemped to get the full-effect of the flip-book while driving but there was (and always is) Too Much Traffic to do anything but basically avoid rear-ending the multitude of cars in front of me in the perpetual stop-and-go gridlock.

Bonne Marie Burns

Here, in the south area of the Loop, in a little park where usually there are only sidewalk sleepers and lots of pigeons, suddenly the World has arrived and it’s packing cameras…

Thumbs Up or Down on Public Art, dear readers?

New Threads Tuesday August 10, 2010

New Threads TUESDAY!

Just in time for the luscious lake-effect Chicago mornings…

Chic Knits Cerisara

Pattern: Chic Knits Cerisara
Designer: Bonne Marie Burns
Yarn: Madil DENIM

Even when the Summer is full on the Windy as strong as a blast furnace, Lake Michigan (thank you, my muse) wraps us in cool morning air. I’m soon to be traveling to Northern Michigan and it will be so welcome to have this to throw on in the early a.m. or late afternoon, where temperatures can be as surprising as the herds (?!) of wild turkeys that walk through one’s yard.

This finish was not without adventure…

Chic Knits Cerisara

First, there was the fun of visiting a new (to me) fabric store in my work neighborhood and discovering the many vintage buttons they carry. I thought this one was especially fun for my new Cerisara: it echoes the lace patterning in a lovely way and was lightweight (plastique fantastiqe!) and really, just pretty.

But, a word of caution! Living in the City, one could be sharing space with some early morning risers, infants, students, workers, who set your clock as well. This in and of itself is ok in my book — I love the early a.m. and get usually get a whole lot done, while lingering over a cuppa, enjoying that morning breeze. But what not to do?

Finishing involving fine touches until one’s fully awake!

After sewing this button on the First Time, I snipped the thread and snipped the sweater itself! HOLEY moley, Batman, that’s a heart stopping moment I’ve done in the past and never wanted to repeat. Big hole. Big head desk.

And I couldn’t even look at this (maximum fear & loathing since last Thursday) but this morning when I opened the back door and FRESH hit me square in the face, I was poked by the Muse to pick up the pieces and get on with it.

Here you see the repaired sweater. I *borrowed* some yarn on either side of the hole, a few stitches away, tightening up a couple of yarnovers (who thankfully where a little sloppy!) and traced the stitchery back into place.


Why this was a good thing: every time you HAVE TO make the effort to get to the goal, fix the mistake, swallow the disappointment, it pushes you to another place. I like that place. There lives accomplishment, and commitment, and yes, bravery.

Doing the grafting fix-it in the little picture at left above (click for full) on my Miss BB sample last year made me very comfortable with re-weaving. Knowing the architecture of the way stitches are made is essential for many other things in the knitting process. And believe me when I say, once the shock and adrenalin fade, makes one confident they might just be able to pull the damn thing back from the cusp of the Inferno…

So, like the saying goes, “What doesn’t Kill Me,” etc. I’d like to thank the Muse for the detour, because on that street I found fabulous.

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