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Sleeves with a Loop Tuesday, July 20, 2010

These days, if I’m not out shooting, I’m shipping! All of the fall 2010 patterns are in and are going out the door as fast as we can box them. What a feeling!

I love this part – but then again, I love mattress stitching ;p

And when I picked up new Fall Chic Knits patterns from the printers, all the shop-guys were totally crushing on the cover models. Yeah baby!

This weekend there was some time for some knitting and several inches later on Sleeve #2, we have something that looks like this:

Chic Knits Cerisara

Because I’m an eternal optimist, I thought I’d be done with #2 by now, but it is going well all the same.

You can see I’m using the Magic Loop Method to do knit this — it’s become my favorite way to do knitting in the round, especially on smaller or tight spaces.

CarolD writes:
“Hi Bonne, I have purchased the Mondo Cable Cardi and it is going really well, all the increases are done, I can’t believe how neat the raglans look, I am so enjoying this pattern, just one thing though, can I use circular needles for the sleeves instead of dpns? I’ve just treated myself to a set of those lovely interchangeable needles and wondered if there are any pros or cons for using the circular needles or the dpns for sleeves. Regards.”

I love this question — because the answer is so easy to give (and to do)!

When a pattern calls for certain way of doing things, it just might not be written in stone and this is a great example.

It’s about the tools.

Like a lot of knitting, there exists many ways to accomplish the same, or similar things.

QUICK! Somebody tell me how many kinds of cast-ons there are!

In this case, a sleeve in-the-round from the top down, starts out as a tube and continues to get smaller and smaller incrementally over a range of rows. Lots of patterns tell you to start with a circular and switch to DPN when the work becomes unmanageable (too tight, too small, too stretched out) with the original needle.

Well, in my case, it becomes unmanageable if I use DPN! I just never got the hang of it.

SO, perfect solution? Another technique that can substitute for the original instruction.

The Trick?

If you can determine whether changing a tool or a decrease or increase, etc. is going to change the Appearance of the garment.

If it doesn’t, you can happily and safely substitute whatever floats your boat!

I’ve been know to enjoy a Two Circ outing once in awhile myself! :)

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