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Log Cabin-ing July 8, 2010

Eleven Logs later…


If someone had told me how much fun this is awhile back, I never would’ve believed them!

This knit is almost better than a puppy; it’s easy, it’s amusing and you don’t have to housebreak it outside! Which lately, is a great thing — it’s either pouring or steaming.

It’s quite fun to be able to unwind with a simple project (and a little TV).

Currently am on a DEADWOOD bender — lots of dvd’s from ye olde Netflix. And, our local station played “Wild Bill” last night for their evening movie. Although my hero, Roger Ebert, gave it a lukewarm review, in light of my fascination with the series, it was a great edition of the last chapter of W. Bill’s life in the fast lane circa 1876, in Deadwood, gunned down, shot in the back holding the now famous Dead Man’s Hand of Aces & Eights. He was only 39 years old.

I love looking at pictures from our American West, a time in our history that was sophisticated or almost primeval, depending on your location. On the East Coast, high culture ruled; in the Wild West, anything goes. Check out this book called Prisoners (by Arne Svenson: “A collection of portraits of 70 turn of the century prisoners that were discovered in a small California town. Each photograph is accompanied by an account of the accused taken from the local newspaper reports, with details of their crimes ranging from the petty theft of a pair of shoes to cold blooded murder.” (Svenson might be most known for a fabulous book on Sock Monkey portraits he shot, which is equally dramatic.)

More Mugshot History: this historical site called “Hidden from View” gives an intricate look at early crime recording and urban city business in last quarter 19th century New Orleans.

This bathmat I’m knitting has a really basic, homespun kind of goodness it. I think it would’ve played well in 1888 or bump it up to 2010! The gorgeous texture of the garter stitch, with its valleys of light and dark make a simple but really pleasant design that transcends the timeline.

I’m trying to make my Absorba Jr. as big as an old rag rug that I have — am using that as the template.


I have 8 Logs to Go… ;p

PROJECT: Absorba Jr. (from Mason-Dixon 1)
YARN: Aunt Lydia’s DENIM (triple-stranded)
NEEDLES: Size 11
COLOR: 1021 Linen

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