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TGIF June 26, 2010

PCO-2-P1000823LoTech TGIF: What’s a knitter to do when they’re lost without a crochet hook and they NEED to cast on?

Use a knitting needle! I made this provisional Chain Cast On by progressively knitting into an initial slip-knot, keeping the new loops slightly loose with my thumb & forefinger.

Heh. This also works using two needles the regular way, making a slip knot, putting it on the LHN, knitting that loop, then slipping the loop from the RHN to the LHN. Knit the loop again; replace to LHN again. Rep until desired number of sts are cast on. (I always make a couple of extra because you’ll need +1 when you unzip in the other direction.)


Leave in-a-pinch stories below ;p Happy Weekend!

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