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Monday Morning Mirth June 21, 2010

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Maybe I’ve been on the road for too long this summer already, but Whoops! A major trend has almost passed me by: Underwear as Outerwear!


mad-bustiNow, I hate to be a downer, but didn’t we already go through this a few years ago? Is it Soon Enough to repeat the Madonna-fueled bustier craze that left casualties all over the urban runway? (Let’s not speculate what C. Aquilera was thinking when she sported the blinking heart on the recent MTV Movie awards. You’re a Mom now! Stop that!)

Apparently not.

However. If you must, you must.

Tips from an expert: “How are department stores dealing with lingerie dressing? “I recommend moderation,” says Neiman Marcus senior vice president and fashion director Ken Downing. His suggestion for taking the trend off the runway is a creative one: “Satin tap pants with lace trim can replace a skirt for a look that is modern and new..” Eh? [Dude, only if you model it for us…nah.]


Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo. “I’m foreseeing a spike in lace-edge slips emerging from hemlines…” Forgive me but this was something my Mom drilled into me as a big Oh-No-You-Didn’t although I confess I loved the peek-a-boo.

Chic Knits recommendation: try this instead — a gorgeous slip of a dress from Chanel…


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