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FUN FRIDAYS: Walk like a Tourist April 30, 2010

Ch-Fr-Mkt-2-P1000794What is more satisfying than to ditch work and go play with your friends?

Going out of the neighborhood and exploring, say, an Italian menu for a change, for a little la dolce vita in the afternoon?

Then stopping by one of Chicago’s newest playgrounds: the Chicago French Market

Ch-Fr-Mkt-3-P1000778Is it bonne chance that that very same afternoon, you might be rubbing shoulders with L’Honorable himself, Bertrand Delano√ę, the Mayor of Paris, here in Chicago for a visit? And would it REALLY be in the party spirit if you only, say, decided to shop for the typical, the regular, the expected?

Or has it now become your duty, your actual responsibility to live up to the moment and celebrate with his Honor?

At the French Market, that mission is so very easily accomplished — there is row after row of stalls with the most amazing foods, wines, beers, meats, fresh vegetables, and, do not forget, cheese.

But today, I have a higher calling and it is to indulge.

Certainly a few hors d’oeuvres will only start the party…


Enchant√©! THIS my friends is candy, candy of the highest order, made by Canady Le Chocolatier…


Or, how about gelato, in the most heavenly, creamy colors?

NO. It is impossible to ignore one for the other.


One simply must not insult the hospitality of the house!


Decisions, so difficult at the start, were so very easy in the end: a superb Napolean with a Pistachio Truffle chaser and a little afternoon knitting with ma charmante amie, Edie…

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