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New Threads Friday April 16, 2010

Just in time for some weekend actione, a little something fresh from the needles.

I finished my linen-y, slightly cropped Mondo Cable Cardi yesterday and gave it a dunk in some sudsy water to refresh and renew the yarn. Knitting in the round, I’ve found, can be very punishing on a garment, especially if it’s been mobile like this one. Being packed in a satchel, removed and stuffed, dropped on the floor, both sweater and yarn, omg, please do not imagine how funkified this was.

I didn’t even want to try it on to see if it fit me ;p


Mondo Cable Cardi
Design: Chic Knits
Yarn: Jimtex *Naturelle 8/8*
Color: #701 Dark Linen
Fibre Content: 75% Recycled Cotton/25% Acrylic
Gauge: 18 sts/24 rows over 4″
Needles: #7

MCC-yoke-100117-8030Not to mention that the yarn originally came off of a cone. Now, coned yarns are most likely treated with something that makes them more “solid” so they don’t separate in transit or in their intended use (usually machine knitting). Wool frequently is “oiled” and blooms when it is refreshed in a bath. This yarn was treated with something — it had a dense quality on the surface that prevented it from being splitty BUT also prevented it from being in a finished state directly off the cone.

It really needed a bath before it went on the road!

At the very end, I was knitting the 2″ neckband/collar right from the cone, which, for some reason, just tickles me senseless. The MCCardi had landed in the building and was no longer traveling at this point, so there was no need to have neat little bundles of yarn when it would be So Much Fun to knit from a Big Old Cone. It’s the little things, people, that really get me going ;p

There’s also a Tickle in the button department here: these are some of the haul from my Joann bender from last weekend. Some, but not all, of their two-aisle button area was on sale and I could not resist these. They have the same subtle bi-coloring as the yarn, where a peep of white shows through the main color of grey. The “buttonholes” are a simple crocheted chain loop.

Now all that’s left is TGIF!! Happy Friday! :)

Pick it Up Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Even though a tone-deaf squawking bird drilled my brain into quickening at 4:30 am, there’s lots of smiles going round this morning at Chez Chic.

I’m at that happy point in top down knitting where the Body section is started and the Yoke is finished on the Cerisara I’m knitting for myself. That always signals to me that I’m almost finished with the garment! Which, if truth be told, is so naively optimistic, since this IS a cardigan, and There Will Be Sleeves…

(I know from already making this, that the sleeves are très cool, though!)

Meanwhile, a new skill has been learned.

During the Mondo Cable Class, while demonstrating how to join the sweater segments into the Body portion of the garment, I slipped stitches held on scrap yarn onto the working needle. My technique was to gradually release a few stitches from their “holder” by simple pulling the yarn out freeing about 5 stitches at a time, then slipping those stitches to the waiting needle tip.

The lovely Lisa asked why one couldn’t just slip the working needle through the middle of the stitches with the Scrap Yarn still up in there? Indeed!!! Start a revolution!

Here you see the held stitches on the green strand of yarn on the left, with the underarm stitches cast on, on the right:


There is enough room to accomodate both the needle and the Scrap Yarn for an Easy & Quick stitch replacement. When all the stitches are back on the needle VOILA! Just pull out the Scrap Yarn and carry on!


Just a few more minutes, and I’m ready to rock the lower half of my sweater!


Thanks Lisa — such a great idea!

Monday Morning Mirth April 12, 2010


After spending loads of time wrestling with the Tax Man the last few days, I went caaarazy! After I dropped my stuff at the post office, I drove around with a singularly light-head — paying the man seems to be spelled r.e.l.i.e.f, non?

And where of all places did I end up? The local Joann Fabric store where I happily discovered they were having a notions sale!

I picked up every kind of fastener know to modern man! (I must say, in retrospect, it seems like one of the more pathetic hee-haws of my short life. I’ve been lusting after those kilt pins since 7th Grade!)

But hey! How do YOU give yourself a little hug after a bogus, but unavoidable deadline is achieved…?

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