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Monday Morning Mirth March 8, 2010

  Monday Morning Mirth  

The happiest days are when history herstory is being made: Kathryn Bigelow!
Congratulations Best Director Oscar Winner 2010

Take that, all ye inglorious basterds!
I have to say my eyes happily misted up along with all the Actors from The Hurt Locker.

After-show Post Deconstruct

vermazoe• Was it just me or were the hosts just Not Funny…
• George Clooney looked very Not Amused all evening (but then again some folks suggested he was wearing a wig!)
• The incredibly vibrant lipstick colors on most of the actresses had me running for my sunglasses — even in HD it was pulsating
• One shoulder and ruffles of all kinds were popular but ladies, no pom-poms across the rear-ahge. Right: Vera Farmiga; Wrong: Zoe Saldana
• Winslet, Parker & Bullock: very nice
• Ms. Theron: beautiful colored dress; incomprehensible flower thingies over breasties
• Do any of the starlets ever stand up straight?
• K. Stewart: Why so grumpy?
• WTF was Sean Penn mumbling about?
• Finally & I hate to admit it, D. Moore looked like a million!

Panic in Needle Park March 4, 2010

6:08 am
Where’s the 24/7 needles store when you need it – nickel coil join snags every round sigh…

7:10 am
Panic in Needle Park: can’t soar with 2 circs on sleeves when youse gotta jagged edge.

7:32 am
Success? You decide: find a new needle stashed away but also find it has something maybe even more insidious:


7:50 am
Sneaky – savagely pulling out the remembered 20″ circular right out of the in-progress hat.


8:03 am
Clown Knitting: rip out bad sleeve with ball winder and trip when yarn snags on jammies. Jammies have teddy bears on them so it’s OK.

8:20 am Fingers crossed back on track going full-speed ahead. SLEEVE: you LOSE@!

Got Cabin Fever?

Got cabin fever?

Join us in a cabled sweater class!

Every Sunday in March, we’ll be unraveling the mysteries of the twist in a learning knit-along at Loopy Yarns.

If you’ve made scarves and a simple sweater, here’s your next move.

In this class, you will learn some great techniques and elements that will take your skill set to the next level. Along with cabling, we will explore the various sections of the sweater and how they all add up to a successful whole. These patterns are unique in that there is little finishing involved; they are designed with special touches that are worked as-you-go to speed the wearing of your fabulous new creation!

Bonne Marie will have a sweater in progress in house while the class is working so Real Time fun is had by all!

Register and get more info at 312-583-YARN (9276) &

Tell your Chicago friends and big hugz for tweets!

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